Monday, April 20, 2009

Calling All Royal Subjects to Protect My Castle

Hey Pups,

On Saturday morning suitcases were loaded into the car and the family left. I thought we were going to be home alone for a while... but Dad came back without Mom and the Little Biped. Apparently, it was a vacation for the women only. Dad returned home and let us out. Shortly after, he put the girls back in their crates, left Canyon and I in the house and got his tools. I watched from the window to see what he was doing in the backyard. He spent several hours out there, drank a lot of beers, and worked on the Little Biped's new swing set which is going to be a birthday surprise for her when she returns home on Saturday (her birthday isn't for several more weeks, but this will be an early present).

Sunday morning, a man-who-visits-us-sometimes showed up in the driveway. Dad left the teapot on the stove, and put us in the dog yard (fortunately Dad heard the smoke detector and came in the house in time to save us from disaster - the only loss was the teapot). The man-who-visits-us-sometimes and Dad spent all morning working on the swing set. This time there were no beers because the man-who-visits-us-sometimes said he had to go to work later in the day. We overheard the man-who-visits-us-sometimes suggesting that the dogs be the first to try out the sliding board. Dad thought it would be funnier to find a cat to do the honors. The man-who-visits-us-sometimes left around lunch and we got to come in. After lunch, Dad got his tools and beer again and we spent the rest of the day in the house.

Several problems in this situation... 1) We are left in Dad's care - can't complain about this too much because we are still getting regular trips out, food and water - the only problem is weekends are supposed to be time to play with doggies and we didn't get to play with Dad at all because he spent all weekend outside with beer and power tools. 2) Dad had beer and power tools - enough said. 3) Dad tried to burn down the house by leaving the teapot on while he went out.

Royal Subjects, King Skyboy hereby demands that you come and help me protect the house. Dad has beer and power tools... Who knows what could happen.

Kisses, Skyboy

P.S. Dad wants me to add that the only power tool involved was a cordless drill. He didn't have anything that could have injured him severely. The only injuries involved were a few splinters resulting in the necessity to dig them out with a pocket knife blade, but it wouldn't have been a man project if he didn't bleed on it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Oweee Oweee

Oweee, oweee.  Puppy cries.  Mom got out the toenail trimmer a few days ago.  I struggled because I was afraid to be hurt.  Mom said if I had just sit still and been a good dog, it would have been OK.  Instead, there was blood all over the floor, Mom, me, and some even managed to splatter on the dining room table.  I had to get all bandaged up.  I'm fine now so don't worry about me anymore.  But I want to let all doggies know - when you see the toenail clipper go hide under the bed.  If your people catch you, then make sure you sit still.

Zoomies, Brook

Monday, April 6, 2009

Stuck in the Bathroom

Hey Pups,

OK, so I know this happened over a week ago, but I have to really claw at Mom and Dad to get them to write blogs since they got the Wii. Sunday a week ago, the Little Biped was in the big bed (Mom's and Dad's) with a movie. She fell asleep about 10 minutes in as expected. Mom was working on a dress for the Little Biped (but Mom's dresses are another story) and Dad was watching the Nascar race. Dad went and got the computer in the middle of the race because they put a little picture in the corner of the screen.

I'm not sure what the picture means, but before long they interrupted the race and showed a picture with lots of colors across another picture with lots of lines, words and dots. The colors were moving up and to the right across the screen. He told Mom that we were all going to have to go downstairs. Meanwhile, Meadow and Brook had climbed onto the back of the couch and opened a blind. We all saw it had started to rain really hard. Woooo!!! Going outside in the rain is lots of fun. We get to play in the mud and dig holes. Woooo!!!

Dad woke the Little Biped from her nap, Mom grabbed the computer and the camera and we all went downstairs. But instead of going outside, we all went into the little bathroom.

Even the Little Biped's bolt doll went with. Mom got her a pillow and blanket because initially she was still tired from her nap.

About 20 minutes later, we were allowed to leave the little basement bathroom and finally go outside. The TV said that a tornado had been seen near where we live. Fortunately, not to near. There were no problems at our house. Just lots of rain - which resulted in lots of mud in the yard. Wooo!

Kisses, Sky boy

P.S. Baseball season started - Go Cubs!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Huzzy Wednesday!

Ok, so we missed last month so we decided to add a few extra hussy pics for your viewing pleasure!

HA HA! April Fools Day! One hussy pics is all woo get!!!!

Zoomies, Brook