Friday, July 31, 2009

New Smells!

Well, what happened yesterday wasn't what we had expected. Mom came home and let us all out and then Meadow and I had to go back into our crates (at least Mom let us room together for the evening). Out the door she went. What???? Where's the little biped??? Why are you leaving us again????

When it was almost dark Mom and the little biped came home and they both smelled really strange....I couldn't figure out what they smelled like.....was it animal, vegetable or mineral??? I decided I better look at the camera to see what the strange smells were and this is what I found...
Ducks going down a slide

A curious goat

My little biped petting a cow
Petting a goat
A 3-month old goat trying to eat my little biped
Now this was the coolest bipeds saw these awesome canine athletes. Mom told me all of them are rescued dogs just like us. They even got to meet some of the canine stars after the show and mom personally thanked the human in charge for having rescued dogs. He said he wouldn't have it any other way. I was so happy to hear that! If you look closely at the pictures you can see all kinds of awesome canine manuevers!

One happy world champion rescue dog!

They even saw the canine version of the Michael Jackson moonwalk!!!

I wish I would have been allowed to go to the fair with them. It looks like I would have had a pawsome time and maybe learned a few new tricks!

Zoomies, Brook

Note from Mom: Yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary of our dear, sweet, pretty girl Kelsey Ann. I'd like to share the memorial video again. Kelsey Ann's paws will furever be on our hearts.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Field Trip

After lunch yesterday, the bipeds began getting ready to go out. I figured I would be heading to my crate in the garage right next to Brook's. Instead, I got hooked up to my leash and taken to the car. Where are we going I wondered.

The Little Biped was happy to go wherever it was we were going

Once we got out of the car, I led the way with my nose to the ground to sniff everything in our path

What's this? A brook - thought we left her at home... LOL.

Smells like fish!

Look at the pretty view. Not far from where we sat, the stream runs into a big lake.

There's the fish. See 'em, Dad. Catch some for me!

Is that the best you can do? Last week you brought home a bunch of these. Just one lousy 4 inch blue gill today. No wonder the Little Biped got bored so quickly this week and the fishing trip lasted less than 30 minutes.

Little Biped leading the way to the car. She wanted to get out of there and head home.

Maybe next time will go better.

Butt Wiggles, Meadow

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wordless Friday

Can you guess which doggy????

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Hey Pups,
Thought I'd tell you about our July 4th weekend. Dad took the Little Biped fishing. They caught a bunch of fish. Crappies, sunnies, rock fish, blue gills and even one smallmouth bass. The bass was too small to keep. The largest fish caught, a sunny, was about 7 inches and the Little Biped set the hook and landed it by herself. I'm not sharing pictures of that because I didn't get to eat any, so you don't get to see the photos. They went to a couple of picnics without us - so again no pictures because we weren't invited. Yesterday, all of us got baths in the front yard after Dad washed the cars. Here we are in the yard doing our best to get dirty again.

Dad really needs to do something about the grass and weeds that have found their way up through the mulch.

Kisses, Skyboy