Friday, October 31, 2008


Scared ya, didn't I???

Butt wiggles,Meadow

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Go Phillies!

Hey Pups,

OK, OK, I know, we usually are Cubs fans but since the Cubbies didn't make it all the way we figured we could get behind the hometown team. So this post is dedicated to our own Philadelphia Phillies! Come on guys, finish up this series tonight with a win!!!!!!! Check out this video, it's pretty amusing!

Kisses, Sky boy

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wanna Join Me?

Hi Puppers!

Dad was being lazy last night and didn't share my hiking video with you. There are two of them for your viewing pleasure.

Khyra, how did I do with my first walking videos?

Can you tell the little biped needed a nap??? She was awfully whiney!

Butt wiggles, Meadow

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meadow's Weekend

Hi Puppers,

I had a pretty exciting weekend. We had a house guest last night and I got to go for a walk in the woods. A Mapaw volunteer pulled a male "husky" from the York Humane Society. They drove him to a local high school where he was transferred to the Sibe Vibe. The bipeds brought him home. Turns out he's not a husky after all. He's an Alaskan Malamute!

Mom and Dad estimated his age to be about 1 yr (same as me). He came in stray to the Humane Society so his name isn't known. His foster home will give him a new name, so we had to resort to calling him various things... "Dog," "Mr. Fluffy Tail," "Mr. Mal."

Mr. Mal meets Canyon

Mr. Mal poses for a picture
Mr. Mal was very excited to meet me. He's a real ladies man. I have to admit, I had a crush too. How could you not when he's this handsome (sigh...) even if he did try to move too fast. I thought maybe Mom and Dad would let him stay. It would be really nice to have a boyfriend in the house. We even found time to get cozy together in my crate when no one was looking.

Unfortunately, he had to leave and go to his next half-way house before meeting his foster family later this week. Hope you find a fur-ever home soon, Mr. Mal. I'll miss you XOXOXO!

Mom and Dad had already planned for me to go on the Hike for Humanity to raise money for Uncle's treatment today, but since I was mopey that Mr. Mal left, it was good to get out of the house and do something. Dad was happy because he got to take more nature pictures with his new camera (Dad says it should be his since Mom has hers, but Mom says the new one is "ours").

We had a great time walking through the woods in the fall weather today and helping to raise money for Uncle's treatment.

Butt wiggles, Meadow

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I can't believe this!

Hey Pups!

I thought I should do this post because lately it seems like Meadow has taken over the blog. You see I like to fly under the radar and not get in trouble and then I'm known as "the good one".

I feel so bad that my humans did not allow me to hold to my promise of a blog post everyday until December 14th. I missed doing a post yesterday because my humans, especially mom, were worried about this.....

Mom came out of the little biped's room after tucking her into bed and the mouse ran down the hallway. At one point Dad had it cornered the closet, but mom wasn't quick enough with the box to catch it and it ran away and we haven't seen it since. Mom was all freaked out saying she can't sleep in bed because the mouse might climb on her. I was thinking she was being really stupid because did she really think one of the three of us wouldn't catch it before it climbed on mom? Maybe it would have been fun to watch mom freak out though!

I bet if the humans had seen this mouse they would have been really excited and happy and called all their friends to tell them who came for a surprise visit...

Humans are so stupid....Really what's the difference? A mouse is a mouse is a mouse!

I have exciting news on the homefront to tell you about! Ma from MaPaw contacted us yesterday. A young boy sibe needs our help! He was found as a stray and needs to come out of an overcrowded shelter. Ironically enough, he currently staying in the shelter that is less than 5 minutes from Khyra's house! Mom is meeting a MaPaw volunteer later this morning to pick this boy up. He may only be with us until tomorrow, he has a foster home to go to, but we are the halfway house for him! Should be fun! I'll post pictures later!

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Kisses, King Sky boy

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Free

Hi Puppers!

I'm finally free from my crate-arrest. Mom says my boo-boo is much better and I'm free to play with the boys. Here's one of our play sessions from earlier!

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Butt wiggles, Meadow

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Hike

Hi Puppers!

Well, my life doesn't seem to be getting any better right now. Mom says I need to take it easy on the wound on my leg and stop jumping all over Canyon. Guess how she is planning on accomplishing this???? Exclusive crate time and I have to go out on a leash even though we have a fenced yard! This is torture. At first mom left me all alone in the dark kitchen (my crate is there during the day) and I screamed and cried and she was nice enough to carry me and my crate to the living room so I could be with everyone. Since she was nice enough to do that I decided to relax and take a break and lay down in my crate.

Enough about that....

I told you I had some exciting news about my Sunday plans. I am going to go on a hike with mom, dad and the little biped. The boys have to stay home! HA HA, I'm the princess! I'm not sure if I shared with you before but soon after I came to live here mom's uncle was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He has been going through radiation treatments daily and he has his last one this coming Monday. We have to wait a couple of weeks to find out if it worked and what happened next.

The hike is being held by the boy scout troop that my biped cousin's belong to. All of the proceeds from the hike go to my biped uncle to help him in his fight against cancer. I can't wait to get out there Sunday to support him!

Click here to learn more about the Hike for Humanity.

Say some prayers for my uncle too!

Butt wiggles, Meadow

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm Okay

Hi Puppers!

Mom and Dad decided I didn't have to go to the V-E-T after all. They've been checking on my leg and I've been really good about leaving it alone so they decided to wait and keep an eye on it. Thanks for all of your concern. Honestly I don't know what Canyon's problem was!

Today when the little biped had her cheese curls I had to go to my crate! What's up with that! I didn't start the fight!

Thanks to all who sponsored us for the Hike N' Howl and don't forget to vote for MaPaw. Click the link on the left!

Butt wiggles, Meadow

Pee Ess: News tomorrow about a trip I get to take on Sunday!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

An Injury

Hey Puppers,

I've been injured. Canyon and I were waiting patiently under the table for the little biped to drop some cheese curls this afternoon. He growled at me because he thought I was too close and I decided I should let him know I wasn't too close. We went at it for about 5 seconds before Mom hit us with a kitchen chair (she says she just stuck it between us to break it up, but I say she hit me). Dad grabbed my collar and pulled me into my crate. Canyon was made to lay down and stay for a while. I guess we were in time out.

After they let me out, I went and sat by Mom and held up my leg to show her. At first she thought I was trying to shake and say "sorry for fighting with my brother." I had to keep showing her my leg before she realized there was blood dripping down it. Way to be observant, stupid human. She took me to the bathroom and got the first aid kit. I got all taped up. I can't see the cut because it's on the back of my leg, but Mom and Dad say it's pretty bad. They are talking about maybe taking me to the V-E-T tomorrow to get stiches.

Butt Wiggles, Meadow

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Hike 2008

Hey Pups,

Here's some pictures from the
Hike N Howl.

The Hike was at Core Creek County Park in Bucks County. There was a nice lake in the park and Dad took some scenery pictures with his new camera (his old one was replaced under the no lemon clause in the warranty this week), a Kodak Z1015 (10 MP, 15x zoom).

Ducks swimming in the lake.

A husky checking out the ducks.

Khyra and Biloxi say hi.

Kisses for the little biped from Biloxi (he's getting really big).

Khyra giving Biloxi a proper butt sniffing

This is a racing cart used by a team of Siberian Huskies from Merry-land that were there for demonstrations.

Brandi, Mapaw's oldest dog. She is a member of husky hospice at 18 years young!

The Hike mascot (costume borrowed from the Dieruff High School Huskies). Thanks Huskies!
Kisses, Sky Boy

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hike N Howl Eve

Hey Pups,

Tomorrow is the big day for MaPaw and the other sibe rescues. They have been preparing for the Hike N Howl all year long. The bipeds are very excited to be doing this event again in order to raise money for foster dogs (or as Biloxi used to say "poor lil gots no homes pups"). Speaking of Biloxi, he'll be at the Hike tomorrow too. Dad doesn't want to write too much tonight because it's late and Mom has said he must be in the car at 5:30 AM, so here's a picture from last year's Hike.

Look for pictures tomorrow night.

Kisses, Sky

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Hey Pups!

Cap'n Maverick mentioned seeing Captain Hook and as it turns out I found a picture of Captain Hook having breakfast with my humans.

My humans also met another pirate this week in Disneyland. Mom was SOOOOOOO excited about this and showing everyone she can. She and the little biped got their pic with Captain Jack Sparrow!!!

I know there will be some SMS moms drooling over this pic!

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Kisses, Sky boy

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Broken Vow

Hey Pups,

My humans owe you an apology. They haven't been here to be clawed and take dictation. I tried calling them, but they said they weren't going to pay for internet in their hotel room. Meanwhile, I was stuck in PA with the poo twins (Meadow and Canyon had a touch of diarrhea while the bipeds were gone). When they got home last night (around midnight), I went through their camera to figure out where they were.

Turns out they were visiting other dogs 3000 miles away.

They visited Frankie, Maddie and Domino. Here's the little biped playing near the pool with Maddie.

Visiting Pluto at Goofy's Kitchen in Disneyland Resorts.

Apparently they not only visited Pluto and Goofy, but they also saw Mickey, Minnie, Chip and Dale, most of the Disney Princesses, the Fairy Godmother, Captain Hook and many others. I am extremely jealous that they were gone for the last five days and spent three of those days at the Disneyland Resort. Especially since they saw princesses and I am the king. A kiss from one of the princesses could have turned me into a real boy - oh wait, wasn't it magic pixie dust that made Pinocchio real? See, I don't know my Disney stories well. All the more reason I needed to go along.

I told them they should have scheduled their posts so that I could remind you every day to vote for Mapaw. So, click the links on the left and vote for Mapaw to help them with a chance to win some money.

Kisses, Sky Boy

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Butt Wiggles, Princess Sunshine Meadow

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Butt Wiggles, Princess Sunshine Meadow

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Huskies Running Wild

Hey Pups,

Yesterday I told you about our great view. River asked me in I've ever gotten to run wild through the field behind our house. The answer is yes, but just once. Bipeds think huskies running wild really isn't a great idea. I, on the otherhand, think it's wonderful. I've lived with the Kapps for about 4 and 1/2 years. I was adopted from the Humane Society about a week before we moved into our house. I was living with them at the old apartment for two days when I went for a run through town. Dad spent all night looking for me. A few days later, we moved; on our first night in this house (Friday night, Saturday was the actual move day) I went exploring the field behind our house and visited some sheep about a mile up the road. Mom and Dad got a call at 6am on Saturday morning asking them to get me. I was covered in mud and spent the day lounging in their bed (still covered in mud and stinking like sheep poop) while they moved. A few months later, I spent an afternoon running in a state park that we stopped in for lunch on the way home from camping. After that, Dad and Mom went shopping and bought me a special collar. First, I hear a beep. If I listen when I hear the beep, it's OK. If I don't, it tickles my neck some. If I still don't, it becomes a bit more of a tickle. I learned to listen to come and didn't go running for a while... until this summer. Unfortunately, I went the wrong way and had a hard time finding the field. It was my shortest run ever.

It's not a good idea for huskies to go running because we don't know to come back on our own. Sometimes bad things happen. We might get lost from our homes furever and have to find new furever homes (it happened to me and Meadow - we were both "stray at large" at the Humane Society); or we might get hurt because dogs just don't know to look for cars before crossing the road. Dogs getting lost and needing new furever homes is part of the reason there are rescues out there like Mapaw. So don't forget, vote for us. Click the two links on the left.

Kisses, King Sky boy

Monday, October 6, 2008


Hey Pups,

Did I ever tell you we have a GREAT view out the dining room window. Our land borders against a farm field (this year there is soy in it). There are lots of trees out back: two spruce, a maple, a dogwood (my favorite), a pin oak. The pin oak is huge. It's at least 6 feet in diameter at the base and is probably 200 feet tall. That means literally 100s of pounds (no exaggeration) of acorns every year and lots of squirrels. The dining room window is in the corner of an 'L' made by the house and the attached shed. On the wall of the shed right outside the dining room window, there are several bird houses. A few were here when we moved in. Mom bought a cow-head bird feeder and Dad got a few at one of those warehouse craft stores which he painted. Lots of little sparrows outside the window to look at too. We also get blue jays and cardinals from time to time.

Earlier this year, the bipeds took a trip to Washington DC. While there, they visited the National Zoo. The zoo had exhibitors from bird groups and was doing special activities to help educate their biped visitors about birds. One of the activies was to build a bird house with a National Park Service employee.

Here's Dad and the little biped working on their birdhouse.

After they got home, the birdhouse got painted and buried with other items which seem to have collected and multiplied in the garage (seems to happen every summer - must have something to do with warm weather). Saturday night, Mom and Dad spent several hours cleaning the garage. The bird house was re-discovered. So, on Sunday morning, Dad and the little biped hung it up outside. Dad told her about it before breakfast and she was so excited to do it, that she ended up going out in her pajamas.

Checking out one of the spruces to see if it should be hung on this tree

The little biped decided it should be on the maple

After taking pictures of the new birdhouse being hung, Mom snapped the picture of the squirrel. She thought everydog might find this more interesting.

I hope you like our birds and squirrels as much as we do. I just keep wondering when I'll get to catch some and if either sparrow or squirrel tastes like chicken.

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Kisses, Sky-boy

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Help MaPaw, this is free!

Hey Pups!

I'm sure you've been hearing things around the blogosphere about the Animal Rescue Site and their really cool shelter challenge. Here's all the info:

Vote for MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue at
The Animal Rescue Site and we could win $25,000 to help pets in need.
The Animal Rescue Site is hosting a special challenge for eligible member shelter and rescue groups. The grand prize is a $25,000 grant, and they will be awarding many other grants to rescue groups with the most votes — a total of $100,000 in grants for animal welfare organizations.
Think how many animals we could help for $25,000!
Help us win! All you have to do is click to help rescued animals, and then vote in The Animal Rescue Site $100,000 Shelter+ Challenge. Both of these actions are absolutely free! You can vote once a day, every day, from September 29 through December 14, 2008. Every time you vote, or tell a friend to vote, you are making a huge difference for us.
Vote for us at and we could win $25,000 to help pets in need.

The Animal Rescue Site

All you have to do is click every day and then vote for MaPaw. Mom has said she will even try to blog for us everyday until the event is over, even if it is only a picture to help everyone to remember to vote!

MaPaw could really use the help. We have Van going through Chemotherapy treatments, and Callie in Husky Hospice because of her seizures, Brandi, the 18 year old, in Husky Hospice and Sirus, who had many trips to the emergency ER because his seizure condition was not under control when he came into MaPaw from the shelter.

Care2 is also running a contest for a shelter to win $10,000. This is the America's Favorite Shelter contest.
Click here to vote or click the button!

Visit us every day from now until December 14th and we'll help you remember to vote. I promise you'll see new pictures and/or stories from us everyday!!!! Go MaPaw!!!!!

I'm already sad because the Cubbies lost last night, please do this and cheer us up!

Kisses, King Sky boy

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Exciting Matchups

Gov. Palin vs. Sen. Biden, Chicago Cubs vs. LA Dodgers... What to watch??? The debate is on and the Cubs are going to try and win one in Wrigley in about 20 minutes. What a decision to make. Oh yeah, we have picture-in-picture. The Phillies and Brewers game just ended and Dad's got TBS on in the corner with the debate live on FOX.
Mom recently got software to edit pictures and she thought we could do some work to try and reverse the curse. Since we weren't able to get to Chicago for the NLDS games (maybe the Cubs will play in Philadelphia, who now lead Milwaukee 2-0, during the NLCS) and they probably wouldn't have let us in anyway, we are there in spirit.
Here's Meadow and I with Dad and the Little Biped "sitting" in the stands at Wrigley.

Here's Sky "with" Dad and the Little Biped when they visited Wrigley this summer.

Well let's hope that some huskies at Wrigley can reverse the curse started 63 years ago by Murphy the Goat. In the words of Harry Caray: "Let's get some runs!!!"

Enjoy the video (at the time, the Cubs were in the NL East - they're now in the NL Central).

Puppy Slurps, Canyon

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It's October and that means... BASEBALL PLAYOFFS!!! This year is especially exciting for some fans because the Cubs are in the playoffs. If you happen to have been living in a cave for the last six months, you may not realize that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the Cubs victory over Detroit on October 14, 1908 to win their last World Series title. Between 1908 and 1945, the Cubs played in many World Series matchups, but failed to win.
Another hot sports news item over the last six months in relation to why the Cubs haven't played in a World Series since 1945 is "the curse." A nearby tavern owner, Billy "The Goat" Sianis bought two tickets to game 4 of the series. He attended the game with his goat, Murphy. It began to rain, and Billy and Murphy were ejected from the game due to complaints from other fans about the stink from the wet goat. Billy Sianis left Chicago and went to his native home in Greece where he allegedly cursed the Cubs that they would never win another pennant or play in another World Series. He wrote a letter to the Cubs organization asking "who stinks now?" The curse legend was fueled by losing seasons for over 20 years after this event and the black cat incident at Shea.
Since then, there have been attempts to break the curse. Sam Sianis (a nephew of Billy's) has been invited to bring a goat to Wrigley and has done so on four occasions (1984 - year of a division win, 1989, 1994 and 1998 - another division win). In 2003, a group of fans took a goat to a Cubs game in Houston. They were, of course, denied entry with the goat. They then proclaimed they were reversing the curse. Houston had been leading the NL Central until that point, but ended up losing to the Cubs. Subsequently, the Cubs lost the NL pennant to the Florida Marlins after the Bartman ball incident (the most recent tragic event in a 63 year history of near misses on a pennant win and a chance at playing in the World Series). In 2007, unknown persons hung a butchered goat from the Harry Caray statue in front of Wrigley. The Cubs have won the NL Central both years (interestingly, the last time the Cubs won their division two years in a row was 1907 and 1908).

I know how important the Cubs are to Dad and although I'm not a goat, I figured I'd do what I could to help reverse the curse. Here's a picture of me checking out Dad's Cubbie bear and thinking good thoughts.

Dad had me do this in the 9th inning tonight when the Cubs were down 6-2 to the LA Dodgers. It didn't work tonight, but there's always tomorrow...

Puppy Slurps, Canyon