Friday, September 28, 2007

Tribute to Yukon Jack: Biped Tissue Alert

This post is a tribute to Yukon Jack and the amazing person who helped him be saved and to MaPaw SHR, who helped him to survive another 8 months in rescue. Sadly, Yukon Jack went to join his friends at the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday, September 27, 2007.

Yukon Jack had quite an amazing story. A good samaritan walking along the Perkiomen creek in Pennsylvania heard a dog barking along the creek/river where no dog should be. Upon investigation, he saw Jack who had fallen down the steep side onto the ice and was trapped. By the time the man reached him he had collapsed and could not stand. Jack was taken to the SPCA to recover, in case someone was looking for him, but no one came forward during the "owner claim" time period, so MaPaw took him in. This quote from a MaPaw volunteer, "So when we think of the people we want to strangle over their treatment of dogs, just remember the good samaritan who climbed into the ravine to save a dieing dog".

The following poem is very touching and we believe a very fitting tribute:

The Bridge

Unlike most days at Rainbow Bridge, this day dawned cold and
gray, damp as a swamp and as dismal as could be
imagined. All of the recent arrivals had no idea what to
think, as they had never experienced a day like this
before. But the animals who had been waiting for their
beloved people knew exactly what was going on and started
to gather at the pathway leading to The Bridge to watch.

It wasn't long before an elderly animal came into view, head
hung low and tail dragging. The other animals, the ones who
had been there for awhile, knew what his story was right
away, for they had seen this happen far too often. He
approached slowly, obviously in great emotional pain, but
with no sign of injury or illness. Unlike all of the other
animals waiting at The Bridge, this animal had not been
restored to youth and made healthy and vigorous again. As
he walked toward The Bridge, he watched all of the other
animals watching him. He knew he was out of place here and
the sooner he could cross over, the happier he would be. But
, alas, as he approached The Bridge, his way was barred by
the appearance of an Angel who apologized, but told him that
he would not be able to pass. Only those animals who were
with their people could pass over Rainbow Bridge. With no
place else to turn to, the elderly animal turned towards the
fields before The Bridge and saw a group of other animals
like himself, also elderly and infirm. They weren't playing
, but rather simply lying on the green grass, forlornly
staring out at the pathway leading to The Bridge. And so, he
took his place among them, watching the pathway and

One of the newest arrivals at The Bridge didn't understand
what he had just witnessed and asked one of the animals
that had been there for a while to explain it to him.

"You see, that poor animal was a rescue. He was turned in to
rescue just as you see him now, an older animal with his
fur graying and his eyes clouding. He never made it out of
rescue and passed on with only the love of his rescuer to
comfort him as he left his earthly existence. Because he
had no family to give his love to, he has no one to escort
him across The Bridge."

The first animal thought about this for a minute and then
asked, "So what will happen now?" As he was about to
receive his answer, the clouds suddenly parted and the
gloom lifted. Approaching The Bridge could be seen a single
person and among the older animals, a whole group was
suddenly bathed in a golden light and they were all young
and healthy again, just as they were in the prime of life.

"Watch, and see.", said the second animal. A second group of
animals from those waiting came to the pathway and bowed
low as the person neared. At each bowed head, the person
offered a pat on the head or a scratch behind the ears. The
newly restored animals fell into line and followed him
towards The Bridge. They all crossed The Bridge together.

"What happened?"

"That was a rescuer. The animals you saw bowing in respect
were those who found new homes because of his work. They
will cross when their new families arrive. Those you saw
restored were those who never found homes. When a rescuer
arrives, they are allowed to perform one, final act of
rescue. They are allowed to escort those poor animals that
they couldn't place on earth across The Rainbow Bridge."

Author Unknown...

Jack lived the remainder of his life in a loving foster home never getting to find his furever home. May Jack wear his silver harness proudly as he goes across the bridge.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's Not Fair!

Hi Everydoggy, it's me Canyon, and despite what the "Queen" says, I AM NOT ANNOYING. I think Kelsey played a very mean trick on me last night. One of my front elbows is missing some fur from me laying in my crate during the day. I think Kelsey injured me last night without me noticing. Mom noticed my elbow was bleeding and I had been licking at it. It couldn't have been the licking that made it bleed so it had to be the Queen's fault.

This is what my elbow looked like. It hurts!!!!!Owwwweeeee!!!!!
This was the first torture device mom used on me. Kelsey thought mom would enjoy using her pet first aid skills and had mom get out the gauze, antibiotic cream, and the blue vet wrap. It felt really funny and ended up sliding down my leg.....the thing about vet wrap is it works well because it doesn't stick to fur.
This is me looking very upset and worried for what is going to happen next. (Notice my left ear is tucked back??)
I couldn't even believe what was about to happen next. Mom put that stupid lampshade thing on my neck. Oh, the embarrassment!!!! (This is me trying to take it off)
Don't I look excited to wear this??? Yeah, right!!! Mom made me wear it all night so I wouldn't lick my leg. I made good and sure this morning that I left my leg alone so I didn't have to wear the collar in my crate today too.

Ok, don't believe a thing the annoying one has been telling you. I spent most of the night last night in the closet and again tonight. I am not responsible for the annoying one's injuries. I would say I need to hire a doggy lawyer but I know that he doesn't have a "leg" to stand on in this matter. I have a little biped to verify my whereabouts during the afore mentioned events. The stupid thunderstorms had me in the closet and everydoggy knows that's where I spend my time during thunderstorms. So, this proves my innocence in the bloody elbow incident.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann
(innocent until proven guilty)

BTW, Please check out
Echo's and Magmum's blogs for info on two very special husky "brothers" that MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue has available for adoption. We would really like to find them furever homes before Christmas.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sir Licks-A-Lot

Well, apparently allergy season has started up again. We've had the biannual event of the licking of everything metallic. Sky likes to lick hinges, mom and dad's bed frame, and this year he added to his repertoire, the heat baseboards. It is so weird and embarrassing. Why can't he just be normal? This also means the feeder fish has started his cleaning cycle.

Isn't this weird?????

Being queen of the Kapp Pack, I have bestowed the newly coined nickname on Sky. I think Sir Licks-a-Lot fits him very well right now.

This behavior is yet another reason as to why he is NOT "the best dog in the world". Just take a look at this face he's giving mom for interrupting his licking!

Mom does tell me I have to ask if anydoggy out there knows why Sky might do this when his allergies flare up??? We've been boggled for 3 years about this behavior. It's not destructive or harming to him, just very odd.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Temporary Housemate

My old friend, Hennessy, was adopted by his Mom and Dad in 1998 from a shelter in Alabama. He's a mutt if there ever was a mutt. He's has very short legs, long ears and a long body like a dachshund, but he's got the coloring of a German Shepherd. Hennesy and his sister were feral puppies found wondering along the side of the road. He lived in an apartment in Alabama with his Mom and Dad until 1999. They got married and moved to Pennsylvania. Hennessy and his parents lived with his Mom's family for about a year after that. Eventually, they bought a house of their own in 2000. Meanwhile, I came into rescue at Mapaw and met my Mom and Dad. I met Hennessy when I moved into my fur-ever home in 2001. He only lived three blocks away from me. A couple times a week, I would get to see him. We'd play for hours since we were both young then and full of energy. In 2003, we moved to a new house. It was several miles away from Hennessy, so I didn't get to see him very often, but I did get to see his Mom on a regular basis (by the time we had moved, his Dad had left him and his Mom to move somewhere else). It had been a really long time since I had seen my friend. Last night I got to see him!!! Here's a picture of him at our house last night with me trying to get in on the picture.

Hennessy's Mom and soon-to-be-new Dad came over for dinner last night and they brought my buddy along to play. He sure has gotten old and grey (I'm sure glad that I've aged better than he has). We didn't play as much as we used to, but Hennessy didn't forget how much he loved my Dad. His Mom says that my Dad has always been his favorite person in the world. While they were visiting, I overheard the humans talking about plans for Hennessy's Mom and soon-to-be-new Dad's wedding and honeymoon. When we heard them talking, Hennessy and I got so excited because we heard them say Hennessy will be spending almost two weeks at our house while his parents go to Europe!!! It's going to be sooooo coooool!!! Hennessy's fur-siblings will be staying with other friends and family members. He lives with two other dogs and two cats: Bourbon, a German Shepherd/Lab mix; Drambuie, a pomapoo; and the cats, Chivas and Kahlua (Chivas doesn't like me very much, she always used to hiss at me, I think she was afraid I might eat her).

I'm really looking forward to having such a good friend come stay with my for a short time.

Woo-woo, Kelsey Ann

Thursday, September 20, 2007

You've GOT to be kidding me

We always get our food in a particular order. Me, Sky, then the Annoying One. Then we get our water in the same order. Tonight, there was a bit of change to the routine. Dad measured out the dry food, then Mom brought in a can of wet food from the room where they park the Queen's chariot (it's a white Pontiac Sibe Vibe). Dad split it up three ways and mixed it into the dry food. What a special treat!!! After we got our food with the extra special add on, we got our water. So, I was happily gobbling my food down by the time Sky got his add on. When Dad got to Sky, he whispered that Sky was going to get more wet food then the rest of us because he was the "best dog in the world." What a pile of horse...

Some of you who know me well, may be thinking, 'wait, I thought Kelsey had gone deaf...' Well, I'll let you in on a little secret, but only if you promise not to tell Mom and Dad. I can hear. It's not as easy as it used to be, but I hear what I want to when I need to. I've learned over eight long years that a doggy should hear what she wants to hear so that she doesn't have to follow silly human commands like "sit," "come," "shake," "lay down," "heel," and "stay." By pretending I don't hear, I get out of this mindless obedience to humans.
Now, what I'm trying to figure out is why Dad would think Sky is the "best dog in the world." So, I'm going to present my list of reasons why he's not:
1) No throne like mine, so he has to spend all of his free time in the living room with the humans, sitting by their sides, and getting pet.
2) Unrelenting obedience to every command that they give. Can anyone say STUPID?
3) When he takes treats, he doesn't try to bite fingers off along with treats - fingers taste good too.
4) No woo-woos, no harooos, no woofs - hardly any noise from him at all. Everydoggy knows that huskies should make a lot of noise.
5) He was shocked into submission by a training collar when he walks, so he's forgotten how to pull with all of his might like an extra-large husky should pull his humans down the street
6) Allows the little biped to do as she pleases with him, including: ear pulling, leg pulling, tail pulling and rides, oh, and head jumping (trust me....she got in trouble for that one). He never gets upset about any of this like a proper doggy should.
I hope everydoggy can understand my frustrations with this......I mean really....I was here first! I never ran away...remember Sky has run away 3 times....2 of them overnight! So, who really is the "better" dog????
Woo woo, Kelsey Ann
(I'm getting off my throne now and going back to bed)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nickname Game

Ok, we've been tagged by Bama to share the nicknames the humans have for us. So here we go!

Kelsey- Kelsey Ann, pretty girl, queenie, royal B*****, kay-sey (little biped speak), yeslek (Kelsey backwards)

Sky- Sky, Sky boy, Sky cap(I know he's shared this one before but it's still funny.....get it Sky Kapp)....hmmm I wonder if Steve and Kat need one of those for their plane ride. I could send Sky down to Texas on a plane to help them :-), Yks (Sky backwards), Ky (little biped speak)

Canyon- Canyon, Anyee (little biped speak), Beans (his original name), annoying one (woops...that's my name for him), huskador, NO!!!!!, CANYON!!!!, puppy, puppies

I hope you enjoyed hearing about all of our nicknames! I tag Echo, Sophie, and Thrawn!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

(all these games of tag are making me very tired....I'm off to get my beauty sleep)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Husky Wheels

We've been tagged by Guiness and Shiloh of the Stoutino Inn and Foster Kennel. The game is to tell what car you best resemble or shows your personality.

Since I'm the queen, Dad thought I was most like a Ford Crown Victoria. Although I am much prettier than a black and white, I would have to be a police car version of the Crown Vic. I police the activity of my domain and use my authority for leverage whenever possible. Besides that, I'm a queen and wear a crown.

Sky would be a Black GMC Denali. It's an extra large vehicle just like Sky is an extra large husky. Our Paw-paw has one and we think he is quite the gentleman and Sky is a very gentlepup with good manners so we think this fits Sky well.

I got to pick Canyon's best-suited vehicle. I think he is a Volkswagon Bug.......get it...he's annoying and always bugging me!!!!! Am I good or what? That was way TOO easy! I think Amber from the Army of Four would find my little joke very amusing.

I tag Blue and Magmun from MaPaw, Ivy, Ferndoggle, and my new boyfriend, Pippa. I can't wait to see everyone's answers.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann
(who has stolen Canyon's bed since that's what everyone thought I should do for revenge...ahhh....revenge is sweet)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Revenge Found

As you'll recall, a week ago, I had a problem with the Annoying One and food. He thought that the food in his bowl was his. He forgot that since I am the Queen that the food in his bowl became mine if I decided that I wanted it. He caused me to bleed in the ensuing scuffle. Thank you all for your revenge suggestions, but I was able to convince Mom and Dad to place him in a 36 hour jail sentence.

In order to do so, I had to get them to leave for the weekend. This meant that Sky and I stayed upstairs, while the Annoying One spent most of the weekend in his crate. He can't be trusted alone. For more details about why this is, you'll have to read our HULA application on Meeshka's World. The little biped's babysitter has a teenage daughter who came over a few times on Saturday and once or twice on Sunday to feed us and let us go out. Overnight, the Annoying One was allowed to be out, but the rest of the weekend he had to spend time in his crate.

So, when they got home tonight, they uploaded pictures to the computer. I found them when I logged on to post about my revenge on Canyon and thought that I would share a few of them with you.

Their first stop was Mo-mo's House (little biped speak for Sesame Place). They won tickets to go there in the raffle at the Hike N Howl.

After leaving there, they went to Delaware to spend some time in Rehoboth Beach and Lewes. Mom told me she couldn't believe how much Rehoboth had changed since she used to go there every summer when she was younger. Mom has been going to the beach in Lewes since she was very little. Her dad's boss used to have a trailer down there they used to stay at for a week in the summer. Mom wanted to show the little biped some of these places so she could learn to enjoy them too! Sky and I used to be allowed to go along but since the first part of the trip wasn't doggy-friendly we didn't get to go this time.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Has He Lost His Mind ?!?!?

This morning started out just like any other morning. Dad got up first and went for a shower. I got up and wandered around the house woo-wooing to try and get him to hurry up in the shower so he could take me out and feed me. After what seemed like furever, he finally was finished. Mom got up and took her shower while Dad was getting dressed and I continued to woo-woo at him. He finally took me, Sky and the Annoying One outside. Then we got our breakfast (I got my normal 1 cup of Canidae and 1/2 teaspoon of peanut butter mixed with pills). Just as I was finished eating, Mom was finished in the throne-room (the humans call it the bedroom because their bed is there, but as far as I'm concerned, its the throne-room because I am the queen) which meant she would be vacating and I would get to go lay on my throne for the rest of the day. Dad got the little biped out of bed, took her to the potty and dressed her. All the humans left, but they forgot to take the Annoying One to his crate!

Dad was gone about 15 minutes and then he returned. Oh, good - he remembered!!! Dad sat down with the paper and his coffee. We were all very confused by this sudden change in routine. After a while, he took the Annoying One downstairs for crate-time. Ahhhh - it seemed to be back to normal. I figured Dad would be getting his coffee and lunch and heading out the door, but instead he brought Sky to the throne-room and closed the door. I just sat there stunned with a look on my face to express:


After twenty minutes or so, he left and we were stuck in this situation. I was so upset by this. Several hours went by, then Dama (Mom's Mom) showed up. She was there a few minutes before some humans who smelled like strangers got to the house. They made a lot of noise for a few minutes. The two strangers left and Dama came back and opened the door to the throne-room. Well, we both had to go investigate the smells. Lo and behold, there was a new piece of furniture in the dining room.

After that, the day progressed like normal for a while. Dad and the little biped came home. Mom got home shortly after. Then Grandma and Pop-pop (Dad's parents) came to visit. Everyone was going out to dinner because it's Pop-pop's birthday. Mom told them the story about what happened with the furniture delivery, so I got to hear first hand what occurred. They apparently were supposed to deliver between 8 and 9 am, but the truck broke down and they were running late. Dad couldn't wait until they would get here several hours later, so he left for work. He had put Sky in the throne-room so that Sky wouldn't be tempted to run out the front door, and that's where he stayed until after the delivery men were gone. So, maybe Dad hasn't lost his mind - although Mom often seems to think so...
Woo-woo, Kelsey Ann
Happy birthday Pop-pop!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Treat Test Tuesday and Tribute to 9-11-01

Hi Everydoggy,

Thank you for all of your concern for my eye. It's looking good with no additional problems. I just wanted to let all of you know that this is the first squabble over food that Canyon and I have had. One or two times before there was a little yelling but that was all. Mom and Dad have experience with having foster dogs in the house and "rules" of feeding and would take necessary precautions if they saw fit. I just had a lapse in judgement on how dinnertime happens here.

Anywoo, I wanted to tell all of you about the new yummy treats mom bought for us yesterday. Mom had to stop at Pet Supplies Plus yesterday to buy Sky and Canyon a new bag of doggy food. They go through a 40lb. bag of Canidae every month. Well, mom found these really yummy treats on sale and just had to get them for us!!!!

The first treats we tried are By Nature dog treats made by Blue Seal. There are 5 flavors and mom was nice enough to get us all of them.. All of these treats are wheat-free (except the Canine whites) and corn-free. They each have their own special features:

Spiced Molasses: Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Mixed Berry: Antioxidants

Canine Whites: cleans teeth and freshens breath

Green Tea and Honey: antioxidant and with flaxseed for healthy skin and coat

Fruit and Nut: for energy

The other treats she bought were Nutro Natural Choice Crunchy Treats. These are both wheat-free and corn-free. There are 2 flavors: real berries with blueberries, cranberries, and cherries, and real apple. Mom says they smell almost good enough for bipeds to eat but we couldn't convince her to try some.

The last treats she bought were "special ones" for the annoying one (Canyon) to help him with his anxiety around unfamiliar people and places. She thought he could try having some of these treats the next time he attends a MaPaw Meet and Greet. They are Sniffers 101: All Natural Training Bits. They have chamomile, lavender and lemon in them to help "calm and focus" your dog or puppy. The best part is they have real liver in them!!!! These are wheat-free too!

We give all these treats 12 paws up!!!!! Mom wanted all of you to know these treats are all made in the USA!!!!

On this day, September 11th, we remember all of those who are fighting this war against terror and take a moment of silence to honor those who lost their lives on this fateful day in 2001. See Stormy's tribute to 9-11-01.

The Dog Heroes of 9-11-01

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann
(I salute you all)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Wounded and Plotting Revenge...Help Needed

Hi Everydoggy,

We had an incident of attempted revolt last night. Mom and Dad gave us our water and food in the correct order last night. First me, then Sky and then Canyon. I was SOOOOO thirsty I started to drink out of Canyon's water bowl because it was closest. And then his food was nice and convenient so I thought I would help myself. Well, the annoying one decided that he was going to finally get a "pair" (he must have forgotten he already got "fixed") and tell me to go park my nose elsewhere. There was growling, snarling, and lots of teeth bared and then Mom screamed "STOP!!!!!" at us and we stopped and stared at her.....she had the nerve to make me leave his dish and go to my own. As I walked away she noticed a drop of something dispersing itself into Canyon's water dish, UH OH! BLOOD! As she took a closer look at me she realized I was, the queen, had a war injury. It's a good thing my mom is a certified pet first aid and CPR instructor and she knew exactly what to do. Somehow, by tooth or claw, Canyon cut open my bottom eyelid. Mom wiped my eye clean and then put some ice wrapped in a towel on it to help stop the bleeding.....apparently eye injuries look a lot worse than they usually are. It stopped bleeding and I need no further medical attention for it, but......EVERYDOGGY....I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!

I need suggestions on how to squash further revolts of this nature. I will not tolerate future instances of this kind of insubordination from an inferior. So please help me come up with a way to enact revenge on the annoying one.

I think he learned his lesson somewhat based on this submissive pose, but I need to ensure the safety of my throne.

PLEASE SEND HELP ASAP!!!!! This is a matter of top priority!

Woo WOOOOOOO!, Kelsey Ann
(Please place a vote for the best revenge method, or let me know your own version!)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Got Girlfriend??

(Sheepdog Trials)

Hi Everydoggy,

It's me Canyon...I clawed the computer away from Kelsey for today. I got to go with mom, dad and my little biped to the Green Lane Scottish-Irish festival on Saturday. Sky had to stay home...which he was not very happy about and he gave me a good sniffing once I got home. Mom and dad said I got to go with them because I need to practice my "new people" skills. I get very scared around new people, but just adults, not kids. I was very good on the car ride there and didn't try to steal the little biped's cheeseburger and fries. I was very worried once we got there though....lots of new people and new smells and new sounds. Unlike Stormy I found out I liked to be as far away from the bagpipes as possible.

We stayed at the MaPaw booth for awhile and then took a walk around the festival. As we were walking around I had a very unfortunate event. A little chihuahua ran up to me and tried to pick a fight with me....apparently the dog's owner thought it was ok to let her dog run loose with lots of strange humans and dogs in the park...NOT!!! Dad told her through clenched teeth..."you need to keep your dog on a leash" I won't tell you what Dad would have preferred to tell her....not fit for puppy ears. I think the little doggy was just lucky it wasn't Sky that was along....I don't think he would have been as nice as I happened so fast I didn't know how to react. But I'm ok and no fighting ensued.

The little biped got to meet the guy that's at the end of the rainbow...apparently he doesn't have a pot of gold anymore...just a visa card. The little biped really likes his lucky charms too!
When we got back to the MaPaw booth I was very HOT and tired and need a rest....and here's where I met my new girlfriend, Callie. We were both taking a break by the water bowl....I was drinking and Callie thought it was a foot bath. Girls are so strange! Callie, is a foster dog with MaPaw. Right now Callie is not available for adoption because she has episodes of grand mal seizures and needs to be rushed to the emergency vet everytime it happens. It is very scary for all of us here at MaPaw, but Ma, Pa and the vets are trying to find a good mix of meds for her so she can be OK.
Hey Baby!(insert Barry White woof)
Prince Meeka ready to greet his royal subjects
Lots of people checking out the MaPaw table Misty II trying to find her new furever home

It sure was a fun day and I have my paws crossed that lots of MaPaw doggies will find their furever homes. That's what being involved with a dog rescue is all about!!! (Heck, I didn't even make it our of my transport home...hehehehe)

Puppy Slurps, Canyon

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Baking Spree!

Hi Everydoggy! I think I'm finally recouperated from my surgery and the Hike N' Howl 2007. Visit the hike website to see pictures and to give your suggestions on how to make next year's hike even better! I got my stitches out yesterday and Dr. Horst says I healed very nicely. But enough about me!

Mom and the little biped have been on a baking spree this week. This is a second annual event. The week before the Green Lane Scottish-Irish Festival mom bakes LOTS of doggy treat to sell at the MaPaw booth. Harley's mom also came up with a great idea to market the treats better!!

The other day she made banana biscotti, banana biscuits and Kelsey's Peanut Butter treats. Tonight she made some special wheat-free treats to give to our red-headed friend, Shyla. There are even ones that are red just like her and I. Mom is so clever sometimes. You can get all of the recipes in MaPaw's Recipes for Rescue, some have just been modified for Shyla's sensitive system. You can buy a copy here, they will make great gifts for people and their doggies. There are lots of people recipes, too (over 500).

These are Shyla's special banana biscotti in their first round of baking

These are wheat-free carrot/zucchini treats in the mixer

These are the carrot ones getting ready to go in the oven

I hope Echo tells us how Shyla likes her treats. Sky and Canyon will give them to Meeka to bring home with them on Saturday. Mom told me I have to sit this meet and greet out because Sky and Canyon need their turn. Canyon has to work on his adult people skills, he is very skittish around new people....but not kids just adults. I guess the little biped trained him well for kids!!!

I'm off to mooch some treats!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hike N' Howl 2007

Mom and I posing in front of the sled (Echo's dad took this pic!)

Today was a great day in the history of Siberian Husky (and other Northern breeds) rescue. Three rescues filled with volunteeer bipeds pulled together to help us pooches, past, present, and most importantly, future. I had lots of fun and got to see a lot of old doggy friends and made tons of new doggy friends. I even got to meet some more blogging doggies (well, at least mom did). I was so exhausted I passed out asleep as soon as we got home....Canyon and Sky were very jealous, but I am the Queen and had a duty to meet with all the subjects in my husky kingdom. I hope you all enjoy the pictures I had mom and dad take for me today.

This seemed to be an awfully funny looking husky (shhh...don't tell but that was Magnum and Blue's mom in there). Some of the doggies thought it was just another sibe, some thought it was a really, scary, huge monster husky and some, like Precious, were very smart and figured out it was just a very nice biped there to say hi to all of us doggies, HUSKY STYLE!!!!

This is what the MaPaw booth looked like...ready to go for the day!

Mom was assisted by Meeshka's mom in doing a talk on how to help us doggies in the event of an emergency. Mom discussed how to stock a pet first aid kit, how to learn more about our normal selves so the humans can help us to know if we are having a pupmergency, choking (that's Meeshka's mom demonstrating back blows for choking), allergic reaction, burns, and seizures. The talk concluded with Meeshka's mom telling everydoggy about GimpyDogs.

This is Maverick, MaPaw's newest foster.

This is me in the alumni parade....I got to be introduced with the Seniors. In my case, age and beauty go together. I was so proud to be representing MaPaw!

Remember Maximus?? His new name is Maximillion ( I do think the name fits...he seems to have struck it rich with his new family) and here he is with his new sister, Tasha (a MaPaw dog too). He was awfully interested in the goody bags and he looks very happy!!! Mom, Dad, and myself visited with him and his new sister and dad for a little while.

Last, but not least, can you believe this is Rocky pup?? Look how he has grown in a few short weeks. He was definitely soaking up the attention today.

We couldn't have asked for a better weather or turn-out of doggies and their humans. One of the park rangers guesstimated we had about 200 doggies at the event throughout the day. The numbers for money raised are looking to be very astounding...and it will be bigger and better next year. My mom is already very excited for next need to rest up for next year. Good night to all!!!

Woo Woo, Kelsey Ann

BTW, Don't feel bad for Sky and the annoying one (Canyon), Dad told them they get to go to the Scottish-Irish festival next weekend.