Saturday, November 29, 2008



This is what Dad aspires to do......eventually......


Kisses, Sky boy

That'll show you!

Hey Pups,

I hope everypuppy had a great Turkey Day! Mom and Dad brought us some turkey from Grandma's house. Mom had to yell at Dad once because he was making his turkey sandwiches on Thanksgiving night from the container that had OUR turkey in it......not the one for the humans.

Well, I showed Dad.....

Guess what I did???

Dad went back to climb into bed and realized his side of the bed was wet. I peed on Dad's side of the bed just to remind him who's in charge. Mom and Dad had to spend Thanksgiving night and last night sleeping on the camping air mattress in the living room because all their bed stuffs were being washed.

I think my strategy worked thought....Dad hasn't touched my turkey since!

I'm the King!

Kisses, Sky boy

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Exploring the Neighborhood

Hey Pups,

This morning, Dad was looking at That Pet Place's holiday catalog while eating breakfast. He told Mom they should buy me a $200 GPS tag to hang on my collar. That way, they would be able to find me. The device will even send Dad a text message on his phone or send an email to the computer so Mom can tell him over the phone where to look for me. What great extents these bipeds will go to in order to ruin a dog's fun. Mom said he jinxed them by talking about a GPS dog tag this morning...

Dad got off work around 1 today. His company usually closes early before a holiday and today was no exception. He picked up the little biped from the sitter and they came home. We three dogs went outside while the little biped had quiet time on the downstairs couch and Dad downloaded Windows updates and anti-virus updates on the computer. After I while, Meadow started to dig a hole. She dug and dug until her hole was big enough to squeeze under the fence. When she did that, Canyon and I started barking to get Dad's attention. He came out to see what the problem was. By this time, Meadow was no where in sight. Dad asked me where she went and I jumped against the fence to show him the direction she had ran (Mom said later that it was a classic Lassie-move - over there, Timmy!). Dad called Mom to tell her what happened and ask her to head home from work so she would be able to watch the little biped while he looked. Dad brought us in, got the little biped and put her in the car. Off they went looking. A few minutes later, they came back on their way the other direction and Dad saw Meadow in the neighbor's yard chasing a bird. He pulled in the driveway and jumped out of the car. He called to Meadow and invited her to go for a ride. She ran around the yard for few minutes and teased Dad, but after a few laps around the yard, she gave in and jumped in the car. Dad reached in the car and snapped a leash on her.

Total exploration time - less than 10 minutes. Chasing birds - priceless.

Meadow, you certainly don't know how to behave like a husky if that's all the time you're going to spend running. I need to teach you some lessons. So next time, dig a deeper hole because you weigh less than 40 pounds and I weigh more than 80 pounds. I'll go with you and teach you how to run.

Kisses, Sky Boy

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MaPaw's Newest Angel

Hey Pups,

Remember when I told you about Brandi before the blogathon?

Well, we had some sad news this past Friday. This is the email we received from Ma (of MaPaw)

Early this morning Paw and I took Brandi on one last carride and helped her on her final journey North of the Rainbow Bridge. It became apparent last night that she was ready and we told her it was OK to go, even though we would miss her. We watched her kissing Boston, and Chloe and Taser kissing her. They too knew it was time.

She was a strong girl. She survived sixteen years of abuse and was found huddled next to her sister, who had starved to death. We were so lucky to have her join us for two years and three months when she was only expected to have weeks or months.

Brandi was loved by so many, Paw and I were one of many that offered to open our hearts and home to her. She was the best gift we could ever have. We just wish we could have saved her sister. Selfishly, we mourn her deeply, but know she is alert again and free of pain now.

Thank you to everyone that loved this special girl. Brandi wear your harness proudly sweet one for you haveearned it many times over. Dance among the stars towards the Bridge. Your sister is waiting for you. Many candles are lit to speed your journey.

Brandi, may you wear your silver harness proudly. We are sure Kelsey Ann was there to greet you with the other MaPaw angels.

Brandi was so happy to be part of this year's Hike N' Howl...

Sad woos and Kisses, Sky boy

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Meeshka Crusade

Queen Meeshka has put forth a proclamation for all HULA operatives to support Iams Home for the Holidays. This is an event sponsored by the Iams Company to have 1 million pets adopted over the holiday season. There are more than 3,000 shelters and rescues participating in this event.

Please get the word out to all of your furry and feathered friends. Until no more pets are left homeless. Every pet should know the kind of life we all have here in the Kapp Pack household!

Kisses, King Sky boy

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cold Weather in PA

Today Meadow and I spent several hours sitting on the couch watching Dad outside working. He started putting up the Christmas lights. He was all bundled up in about 5 layers of clothing to keep the wind and snow off. What he needs is two layers of fur like we have. That would have kept him warm. The snow didn't amount to anything today. But, earlier this week we got a measurable snow fall. Unfortunately, it didn't last. Here's some pics from snow a few days ago. Let's hope there are lots more days with plenty of snow.

Stay tuned for video of the Christmas lights. Dad hopes to have them finished by Friday.

Puppy Slurp, Canyon

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Surprise

Hey Pups!

Look what it was doing outside when Mom let us out this afternoon!

SNOW! GLORIOUS SNOW!!! It's husky heaven!!!!

Kisses, Sky boy

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lookout Post

Hi Puppers!

I thought I'd share my favorite lookout post with you. I can spy on the squirrels from here!

Butt Wiggles, Meadow

Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Whining....

Hey Pups!

This have been really awful around here lately. Mom's been sick for a few days which meant all she did was sleep and not give us extra attention. I rained most of Friday and Saturday and we even had a tornado watch yesterday. Dad's leaving again for another business trip tomorrow. The exterminator is coming tomorrow morning to "take care of the ants."

Worst of all, I am not being treating fairly in MY KINGDOM! The first evidence I have of this is the following picture...Can you believe all this princess junk in MY food dish???? And the biped left it there all day! I mean, did the little biped think my food dish made a good throne for Cinderella???
The next situation is the one I find extremely disturbing. Canyon and Meadow got into a fight yet again over something stupid. To not go into tomany details, Mom figured out what caused it again and the humans are working to help Canyon and Meadow to behave better. Mom told me I'm the good one and I don't need to learn anything else. Well, one of the new routines is that Canyon and Meadow have to be in a "down" at food time or in their crates. We were practicing the down, stay which Canyon and I know, but Meadow still needs to learn this. I kept getting distracted by the TV and other thoughts...Khyra, Holly, Storms, Ammy, Eva, Meeshka, Frankie Girl...and all of a sudden I heard dad say "put Sky in his crate if he's not going to listen"
WHAT?????? Are you kidding me??? Me, the King of Huskies, does NOT get crated. This is an abomination! I haven't been crated since I was a puppy. I've earned my place out of the crate by being trustworthy in the house. I made it difficult for mom to get me in there by dragging my feet. She had to slide me across the floor. I wasn't going in without a fight. They gave me some crap about making an example out of me. What? An example of torture???I was secrectly plotting my escape. I was thinking that pin could have been slid out with my tongue...Then I just laid down and gave mom my best cranky face. You know what she did??? She laughed at me. Apparently there was something funny in the fact that I laid diagonal across the crate and put my tail up in the air in the corner. She even called dad over so he could laugh at me too. She tried to cover it up by saying she was laughing because I was cute. Yeah, right, whatever Mom!

I am so NOT amused with this situation. I have awards to accept, but quite frankly I am just not in the mood to do that tonight!

Kisses, KING Sky boy

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sleepy Saturday

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sick Bed

Hey Pups!

Mom stayed home today with us because she is sick. I was really excited because that meant we would got to spend extra time with her. It was alright until Meadow decided to get into trouble and got us locked in the bedroom all day.

Mom always keeps the door closed at night because Meadow gets into trouble, but we thought we would have free roam today. Meadow decided to get herself in trouble this morning and that was the end of our free roaming. Mom went out to the kitchen to take some medicine and found a pee puddle from Meadow (because she had been drinking out of the toilet), a cabinet door that has child saftey lock open, the cabinet under the sink where the trashcan is open, and the trash can spilled onto the floor. Who knows what she ate out of there. I pawsonally thought it was really gross!

So that's why we got locked up for the day with mom. Mom wasn't much fun because she spent almost the whole day sleeping.

One really funny thing I heard was Mom telling Dad that Meadow could NEVER be trusted alone without being in a crate!

Kisses, Sky boy

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cry Me a River!

Hey Pups!

Mom has been walking around for the last hour complaining about the hotel they stayed in near Disneyland. Apparently they had a $100 charge on their plastic thingy that mom didn't know what it was for since they stayed there on frequent traveler points. Mom was really annoyed because she found the charge online on Friday night and left a voice mail for their accounts receivable department and still hadn't heard anything by tonight. She called again tonight and was given the same song and dance but was able to talk to a manager.

So guess what the charge was for???

My humans stole a blue blanket! I can't believe it! I know they've done some awful things throughout the years but I never thought it would come down to stealing!
But seriously, the didn't really steal the blanket. They don't even remember a blue blanket being in their room. Mom is livid that they have been accused of stealing and not very happy that this is how this company's top status frequent customers are treated. They didn't even send a letter explaining the charge. Mom thinks it was housekeeping's vindictive way of getting back at them fo complaining about the dirty towels that were left in the room even though they left clean towels for them.
In the end the manager said they would remove the charge and mom thanked her for doing that, but mom also made dad call the company's customer service to complain about the whole incident.
Wanna know my solution to the problem?????
Kisses, Sky boy
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Monday, November 10, 2008

Target is So Cool!

Hey Pups!

Mom sent Dad to Target today to go and buy new sheets. I didn't quite understand why they needed new sheets, I mean they have a whole closet full of them.......summer ones, winter ones, t-shirt materials ones.....why do they need more????

Well, mom was putting them on the bed tonight and called us up there to try them out. They looked pretty nice and were furry soft. Canyon and I lounged for a while as Meadow springboarded on and off the bed a few times.

Can you see what is on the sheets yet???

Here's a closer look....
Can woo guess who's tail that is???
Do woo see the huskies and polar bears???
Meadow decided to stop the Sibernastics long enough to model the sheets too...
Then Mom got camera-happy and started shooting candid portaits of us....
I briefly forgot to emply my SZK methods and looked directly at the camera....

I quickly remembered and wasn't going to let that happen again!

Finally I got the bed all to myself!
Mom said Target has these flannels sheets on sale for $17 for twin, full and queen sizes. They were even big enough to cover our pillowtop mattress with a memory foam topper on it! We give them 12 paws up! Dad even bought a set for the little biped's bed!

Kisses, Sky boy
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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Attack of the Killer Ants

Canyon here...

It seems we have some invaders in our house. Mom noticed them the other day and thought dad had taken care of them...

Mom hates bugs like this.....they aren't nice and cute like ladybugs and butterflies...

Mom is having irrational fears of these ants invading our house and taking over...

So what did they get at the grocery store??? You guessed it....ant traps!

So one of the rooms of our basement is off limits to us now thanks to Kelsey Ann. Way back, when Mom and Dad lived in their rental townhouse they had some ants get into the house and put out ant traps to catch them. The problem came when Kelsey decided to try to eat the ant traps. Mom freaked and thought she was poisoned. She called the vet and he said it should be ok but if they wanted they could give her Ipecac syrup to make her throw up. So out mom went at 10PM to get the yucky stuff to make her horka. Mom got home, forced the yucky stuff on KA, and they waited. They made her stand outside so she wouldn't horka in the house. They got sick of waiting for her out there so they put her down in her crate. (want the real gruesome story of why she got sent back inside???? Cover your eyes if you have a weak stomach. She tried to eat a nest of baby bunnies while they left her outside to horka!) Then she horkaed. Mom and Dad thouht she was done so let her go up to bed....she horkaed in her bed then too. Mom and Dad had lots of stuff to clean up. KA definitely earned her HULA membership many times over.

So Mom and Dad tell me because they don't want a repeat of the whole Kelsey Ann and the ant trap incident that we are not allowed in that room until all of the ants are sent to their untimely death!

Puppy slurps, Canyon

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's a Conspiracy!

Hey Pups!

We are all still reeling from Turbo and Khyra's loss on election day. It's been a rough week for all of us. When are humans going to learn that we need to vote alongside them and they need to join us and vote for the Sibertarian Party for REAL CHANGE!

Mom came home yesterday telling me she saw this really astonishing photo in the newspaper.

(AP Photo/Dave Weaver)

Can you believe these squirrels? Do they really think they have more patriotism than us? I really think this is the ring leader our failed efforts at the polls! I think our Siberians at Law Meeshka and ECHO need to prosecute this squirrel to the full extent of the law for their supression of our votes on Tuesday!

We must come together and fight this oppression!

Kisses, Sky boy

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Excitement

Hey Puppers,

I was so excited last night waiting for the election results and hoping to see Turbo and Khyra get elected. Unfortunately, I never saw the final vote results until this morning because I fainted when I heard the breaking news headlines: Dogs and Cats Turned Away at Polls, Very Few Votes for Sibertarians in Early Results.

Because of this fainting spell, I didn't get my hussy shot taken for this month. Sorry, everyone.

This morning, I checked the results of the election on a news website. Can you believe a human won the White House for the 44th time in a row!

Sibetarians in 2012!

Butt Wiggles, Meadow

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Vote for bacon and cheese!

Vote for change!

Vote the Siberian ticket!

Vote Turbo and Khyra in 2008!

Brought to you proudly by the entire Kapp Pack!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Road Trip!

Hi Puppers,

This morning, Mom and Dad loaded up the Sibe Vibe. Out came my leash and I went with them!! The boys stayed home. We spent almost two hours in the car. When we got there, I smelled lots of other dogs. They were all super-be-woo-tiful sibes. The pretty sibes were walking around in circles inside a ring, getting closely looked at, and walking down and back on a path in the middle of the ring. Dad explained to the little biped that the dogs were being judged on how much they looked like an ideal Siberian. Later we met Khyra, the D'Azul Siberians, and Cap'n Maverick. The D'Azul Siberians' mom said she thinks I look like I'm partially Australian Cattle Dog.

We didn't take too many pictures. Unfortunately, the Little Biped got bored. Dad took her to see the some sights at the Gettysburg battleground and he had the camera with him (although he didn't carry it while he and the Little Biped walked). So, no pictures were taken until it was almost time to go. Here's pictures with Eddie. He wanted to be my boyfriend, but I told him about Mr. Mal, so then he tried to be Khyra's boyfriend.

Best of luck to the D'Azul Siberians as they finished the rest of the Siberian Husky National Specialty.

Butt Wiggles, Meadow