Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm OK!

Well, I got home from my fixing yesterday evening.

I felt kinda funny when I came home and was a bit tired.

But I was finding it really difficult to get comfortable...especially with Canyon sniffing me, apparently the V.E.T office has interesting smells.
This position was a bit more comfortable...
This is why that was the most comfortable. Look what they did to my belly!
Khyra, I asked mom to tell me what color my stitches are but it was closed-up so nicely she couldn't tell. She did tell me Biloxi's and Meadow's were purple so I'm guessing that's what color mine are too.

I was so happy to see mom when I walked into the exam room. When we got home mom told dad that the V.E.T. said I was a "lively one". I squirmed around a lot when they were trying to give me that shot to make me go to sleep so I could be fixed. I still haven't figured out what was wrong with me, but I guess I don't feel too bad...
Temporarily suspended zoomies, Brook

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Early Dinner

Normally, we get our dinner after the little biped goes to bed.  Bedtime routine typically starts at 8.  She gets into her jammies, reads a book or two, brushes her teeth, goes potty, says prayers, gets kisses and hugs from Mom and Dad, and puppy slurps from us.  Finally, lights out and in bed.  This typically takes 20-25 minutes.  Dinner comes after this all over around 8:30.

Last night, her bedtime was before 7 because she made a very bad choice. I was laying on the floor with a stuffy trying to figure out how it was making so many interesting squeekie sounds when I chewed it.  The little biped came over to me, grabbed my head, and bit my ear!!  I cried.  I'm just little and it hurt a lot.

Dad immediately took her to bed.  No books were read and several stuffed Siberians she has in her bed were taken away.  She's never done this to me before, but apparently she's done it to King Sky a time or two.  Mom and Dad are working very hard to address this bad behavior with her and teach her that it's not OK to bite doggies' ears.  Fortunately, Sky and I were very well behaved and didn't bite back.  They think she may have learned it watching  Snow Dogs with Cuba Gooding, Jr.  Anyway, this resulted in dinner time early last night.

Tonight, dinner came before the little biped went to bed.  We got dinner at 7 again tonight.  I was told it was because I have to go get "fixed" tomorrow.  The doggy doctor says no food after 8 and no water after 12.  I didn't know I was broken.  The only thing Mom and Dad have said is wrong with me is getting up in the middle of the night to beg for water and trips outside.  
Last night, between me begging, me banging on the door, Canyon's crying because I was keeping  him up, and the little biped having a coughing fit, Mom and Dad had been woke up every 10-15 minutes for over an hour.  Mom eventually left us and went to the couch, leaving Dad in the bedroom to take care of us.  We settled down shortly after Mom left.  LOL, sorry for the mean trick Mom, but after you left there was plenty of room in bed for Meadow, Canyon and I.

Well, wish me luck with whatever this "getting fixed" thing is.  I'm really not too sure if this is good or bad, but whatever it is - it's definitely a new experience.  New experiences are all part of being a puppy I guess...

Zoomies, Brook

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why, oh why?

Why, oh why, does Canyon (aka. Girly Boy) subject himself to this torture???
I secretly think he enjoys the attention...

Royal Kisses, King Skyboy

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A New Furry Member

I would like to take the time to introduce myself. My name is Brook and I'm the newest member of the Kapp Pack. They are now 16 paws strong. I came here as a foster puppy and fit right in so this is where I will stay. I've found my furever home! I thought I'd hijack the computer for a little bit and tell you more about my stay so far.

I am a 6 month old Siberian Husky puppy and I love my new brothers and sister. Mom and Dad tell me I couldn't have arrived at a better time because soon after I arrived my big sister Meadow had a seizure. I try really hard to help mom and dad check on her. If she's laying down and I get up to go exploring I always make sure I check on her too. When we go in our crates for the day, mom and dad make sure Meadow and I are side by side. Meadow hasn't had any other seizures that we've seen but mom and dad have taken her to the VET and all of her bloodwork was great!

As you can see my big sis and I are furry close already...

I have been bestowed the title of Princess Brook and the King even let me lay on his tail...I love my big bro, Canyon! Here I am trying to be his mirror image...I look forward to meeting all the pups out there in the blogosphere!Oh, by the way, my nickname is the flying puppy. I like to jump off the ground with all fours to say hi to everyone!

Zoomies, Brook

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Big Reveal!

Hi Puppers!

You all had some really good guesses for what was happening. No, there's not a little biped on the way. One is all we (the pack) can handle right now. I was hoping it was a Siberian play room, but no such luck on that.

Turns out that all that was happening was Dad and Paw paw were installing new carpet. Big letdown there....nothing exciting. 

Here's me enjoying the new, plusher carpet...
Here's  Canyon supervising the final touches...
What do woo think???

It feels really nice on my paws. 

Stay tuned for more girly boy pics tomorrow!

Butt wiggles, Meadow

Saturday, February 14, 2009

What's happening???

Hi Puppers!

My mom and dad were moving all kinds of furniture around last night. They completely emptied one of the rooms in the house. Sky and Canyon tell me this room used to be the little biped's room but when she moved in to a big girl bed mom and dad moved her to a new bedroom. Can you figure out what's going to be happening in here?

Please help me figure this out!

Butt wiggles, Meadow

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Idita-Walk Take 1

Hey Pups,

Mom and Dad took us for a walk on Sunday afternoon.  The walk time was counted towards my commitment to the Idita-walk which supports Camp Bronson in Nome, AL (for the Boy Scouts). We are walking for Team Sibermal, check out the blog here. So far, we have done 90 minutes of the 1049 minute required time.  The weather has been so unseasonably warm here the last few days.  On Sunday, the temperature was over 55 degrees F.  Today, it was over 60.  Unfortunately, by the time the bipeds get home from work, have dinner, etc, we don't usually get a walk in the evening on a week day this time of year.

Last year, they bought one of those doo-hickeys that allows a biped to walk two dogs with one leash. You can see in the videos, that I got strapped to Canyon with this thing.  Dad had us boys, and Mom had Meadow.  Towards the end of the walk, I had to bite Canyon's ear to get him to shut up.  He was yapping like a sled dog in harness.  I found a youtube of some sled dogs yapping so you can compare Canyon to them.

Hope you enjoyed the videos.  Got to get back to the Westminster show on TV.  Working group is on later tonight and I'm told the Best in Breed Siberian is a good looking girl dog.
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Royal Kisses, Skyboy - hoping for warmer weather for the rest of winter so we get more walks (just not hooked to a half-breed Siberian doing the death wail...)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day at the Zoo

Hey Pups,

Turns out dogs aren't allowed at the zoo. The bipeds have a membership and go visit a few times a year. Last month, they had plans to go for a member's only day. They would have been able to go "behind the scenes" and see things like the veterinary area, food service, etc; however, it was under 20 degrees that day. They decided to go today because it was unseasonably warm (about 50 degrees F). There were some cats there that I would have liked to chase...

This is the Amur Leopard.


The mother Amur Tiger. Almost 2 years ago, she had three cubs at the Philadelphia Zoo. The cubs still live there with her, but soon will probably live at other zoos. Their dad now lives in Indianapolis. Her name is Khyra.

These guys sure don't mind the cold weather.

Dad's favorite animal to see at the zoo.

I really would have liked to see the Amur Leopards, Amur Tigers and polar bears. The leopards and tigers are named for the Amur River which runs through Siberia. My ancestors are from there, so maybe the leopards, tigers and I are distant cousins. The polar bears live in the Artic regions of North America. Mom and Dad think I might be part Malamute, or else I'm just an extra large Siberian. Mals are from Alaska, there's polar bears in Alaska... maybe, the polar bear is a distant cousin of mine too. I'll have to get Dad to work on researching that on the genealogy websites.

Well, back to watching the Bud Shootout (I was able to distract Dad because Ryan Newman isn't running the race due to rule changes - Dad's not happy about that).

Royal Kisses, KSB

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Huzzy Wednesday!

Hey Puppers!

Here's another installment of Huzzy Wednesday!
Butt wiggles, Meadow

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hi Pups!

Well, the Super Bowl is over and our Steelers can now say they are Six-Time Super Bowl Champions. They are the only team in the history of the Super Bowl that can claim that honor. It was a great game and the Cardinals really gave it all they had...

The last three minutes of the game were a real nail-biter....

I think mom stopped breathing during the last few minutes, but with a last minute pass to Santonio Holmes the Steelers made their way to victory. We are still in awe of their accomplishment!

Now on to NASCAR and baseball...

Royal  Kisses, King Skyboy

Sunday, February 1, 2009




We're ready for the big game!


Puppy slurps, Canyon