Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Red Head Needs Help...

We just thought we had to share with you the story of a little red and white husky puppy we heard about today. 

 Sinatra is a 3-4 month old Siberian Husky that was hit by a car on the 23rd May and taken to the Emergency Vet Clinic by a Good Samaritan, as she was a stray they wouldn't treat her but they gave her pain meds and sent her over to animal control where she sat in a cage in sick and injured for 4 days

As you can see from her X Rays she has a fractured Pelvis, fractured Femoral Head, Fractured Left Tibia and Fibula. Due to the extent of her injuries it is the vets opinion she has to have surgery to repair all her injuries at the same time or be humanely euthanized and that is the last thing we want when with surgery she is expected to make a FULL recovery and lead a long happy 4 legged life !! She is going to go to Kansas State for the treatment. It is expected to cost at least $1500 and probably a lot more, but we wont know exactly how much until her our vet can call them tomorrow her X rays and pain meds today were $100. (Update 5/28 costs are expected to reach $2500 for her treatment)

If you can help by donating even $10 it would be greatly appreciated, as the rescue just don't have the funds to be able to pay for all her treatment. 

Sinatra's condition can be verified by Dr Brooks at Meadowbrook Veterinarian Hospital (316) 733-6866

We feel we have a certain kinship with this little pup. It was almost a year ago we took Biloxi in as a foster with a very similar injury. He unfortunately was not able to get the immediate care these donations will allow Sinatra to have. His leg healed incorrectly and just about 1 month ago he had to have surgery to remove the femoral head from one of his femurs. We really think had he been as lucky as Sinatra to get quick treatment he wouldn't have had to go through the pain of the surgery almost a year later.

Every little bit can donate by going to the fundraising page by clicking here

Please help this little one get a new lease on life! Paw  it furward!

Butt wiggles, Meadow

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Here Fishy Fishy

Do you think if I could hypnotize the fish to make them jump out of the tank and into my frying pan?  I bet they would be yummy with some lemon, butter, and garlic!  Yes, I know they're little, but it would make for a nice snack before dinner.

What's that, these are the Little Biped's fish?  She's named them?  You say they're names are Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and the baby fish is Veronica?  You want me to not eat them?

Hmmph... well OK... I guess... Yes, I'll just look... Mom, can you go the store and buy some salmon?

Zoomies, Brook

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Left Alone

Hey Pups,

We spent a long weekend home alone.  The neighbor's grandson stopped to visit several times a day and make sure we got our food and that I got my allergy medicine.  But, for most of the day we were without humans.  Canyon and I had the run of the house, of course; while, Meadow and Brook spent the weekend in the garage in their crates.  The humans left Wednesday after work and came back around lunch time on Sunday.  I had to look at the pictures on the camera to figure out where they were.

I'm wasn't sure where this was, but I recognize the guy made out of flowers - that's Mickey Mouse...  I figured that they must have been at Disney World.  Mom told me that there were lots of characters made out of flowers because Epcot was having the Flower and Garden Festival.
It was Mom's birthday, so she got a birthday cupcake at 1900 Park Faire.

They went there to eat dinner with the little biped's favorite - Princess Cinderella, Prince Charming, the step-sisters and step-mother (later in the week, they ate breakfast with Belle, Snow White, Ariel, Aurora, and Cinderella at Norway in Epcot).

Here's another of the little biped's favorites - Mickey ice cream.

Here's the little biped getting her autograph book signed by Mickey Mouse.

The pictures also revealed that they ate breakfast at Ohana with Lilo, Stitch, Mickey and Pluto; dinner at Crystal Palace with Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore; and dinner at the Biergarten in Epcot.  There were no characters there, but there were funny dressed men playing traditional German instruments.  The little biped got autographs from lots of other characters including Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Tinkerbell (and her friends), Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Mr. Penguin, Mary Poppins, Alice, and a few others.

Mom and Dad have already been talking about the next two trips in August and December.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - if Mickey's dog Pluto is allowed in the park, then why am I not?

Kisses, Skyboy

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Day with no Crates

Our morning routine usually goes like this.  I woke up at dawn and sit on Mom and Dad's heads until they wake up.  They don't wake up until the radio starts playing every day at 6AM.  Dad gets out of bed and turns off the radio.  It starts up again at 6:07.  Dad turns it off again.  Then it goes off at 6:14, and they finally get out of bed.  Dad takes us out, getting Brook out of her crate on the way, and Mom goes to the shower.  The humans get dressed, pack lunches, wake up the Little Biped and get her dressed.  Mom leaves.  A few minutes later, Brook and I go to our crates and Dad and the Little Biped get in his car to leave for the day.

Today went a little bit different.  Sky woke us all up at 3AM to go out.  We went back to bed.  At 5AM, Sky woke us up again.  This time no one went out, but Dad gave Sky water because this seemed to be what he wanted.  The 6AM alarm went off and Mom got out of bed and went to the shower.  Dad stayed in bed through a few snooze alarms like normal.  We went outside and everything seemed status quo for a while.  The really unusual part came when Dad and the Little Biped left.  Brook and I stayed in the house with Sky and Canyon!

Of course, we wanted to make sure that we wouldn't get in trouble so we would be able to have this privilege another time.  But, as you know - I have learned how to open kitchen cabinet doors, refrigerator doors, food dishes, etc.  Nothing was closed up!!  How could I resist this temptation?  I stayed out of the refrigerator - there's nothing in it right now I would want because the humans really need to go to the grocery store.  The dog food has been moved to a container in the garage due to me opening it all the time (and later teaching Brook and Canyon how to do it too) - so I couldn't get into food...  But, when I opened the kitchen cabinet, I found the trash can and it was nearly full!!

Brook helped me sort through it to see what we could find.  There was half a bag of popcorn that we ate.  We also opened the tea bags and ate all the tea out of them.

Mom came home and called Dad immediately asking him if he knew what he forgot this morning.  There was several minutes of asking how he could forget to put us in our crates, telling him how lucky he was that no damage was done to furniture or toys, that we didn't find the left-over Easter candy on the counter, and several other things not suitable to repeat on a family-friendly blog.  

So, Brook and I had a fun day playing in the trash can and sharing dog beds with Canyon and Sky, but I think we ruined our chances to try this again any time soon.  As the Little Biped says: DERMIT!!!

Butt Wiggles, Meadow

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bath Time

Hey Pups,

I finally convinced the humans to write a new blog post.  They've been very busy with working in the yard during the nice spring weather.

I wanted to share some pictures of the girls being humiliated with bath time this week.  

Meadow after her bath looking very sad and hoping Canyon will comfort her.

Brook in the bath and trying to escape.

 Brook wasn't quite sure what to expect when it all started.

The girls had to get baths due to accidents in their crates.  Brook hasn't learned yet that it's not OK to do their business in their crates (although there hasn't been another accident since the bath 6 days ago); and Meadow has been throwing up in her crate.  These events cause them to have a very strong odor that the humans don't want in the house.

So, now that I've sufficiently embarrassed my little sisters by showing you pictures of them during and right after their baths - I'll say good night.

Kisses, King Skyboy

Friday, May 1, 2009

We survived!

Well, we all survived the week with dad. I wasn't sure if Brook was going to survive though. I think she was trying to work on her HULA application. She could have been trying to plead with mom to come home early too. Early last week dad was in the room with the big water bowl and mom called dad on his cell phone. Brook decided she needed to try to answer the call and this was the result...

All in all it wasn't too bad with dad in charge. He didn't forget to feed us at all, but then again, Sky would never let him forget to feed us.

Here's a picture of the little biped when she cam home last week. This is the tube slide on her swingset. I'll share more pics of that later.
Here are Brook and I keeping watch over the neighborhood.
Do we look like a 2-headed dog????

I also have some bad news to share. My little sister hasn't been behaving very well, case in point, Dad's cell phone. Well, all of us sleep in mom and dad's room at night and somepuppy has been deciding it's a good idea to chew holes in mom's quilts. Brook is really working on her HULA membership. Well, mom and dad decided Brook can no longer sleep in the bedroom until she outgrows (hopefully) this puppy chewing habit. Brook has to spend her nights in her crate. I really miss her when she's there!
Butt wiggles, Meadow
Pee ess: Please say some prayers for Mom's family. Her Uncle that I hiked for last fall passed away last Thursday. We're positive Kelsey Ann gave him a big lick when he got to Heaven!