Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My humans' trip to the capital

Hey Everydoggy!

I told you our humans neglected us and went away for the weekend. Well, I found some pictures to confirm where they went. They went to our Nation's capital, Washington D.C. I told them if I would have known I would have tagged along to do some rallying for Turbo!

So here are the pictures I found. They had a busy two days!

This is the big Triceratops from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History...

Here's the Washington Monument...
This is a panoramic view of the new WWII veterans' memorial...
Dad and the little biped with the White House (Tubey's future home) in the distance...Honest Abe was at the Washington Nationals game vs. the Chicago Cubs. All four presidents from Mt. Rushmore were there. At some point during the game the presidents race each other across the field...This is Screech, the Nationals mascot. Somehow I don't think Kat would find this bird very tasty...On Sunday, they took the metro to visit the National Zoo. Their main destination was the pandas....Here are some pics of the cute and cuddly bears who eat bamboo! Here are two videos of the pandas!

The zoo was celebrating National Migratory Bird Day and in honor of that the U.S. Park Service has birdhouse kits there to make. This is Dad and the little biped making our new birdhouse....

Even though I wasn't along, it looks as if my bipeds had a lot of fun this weekend....

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Single Sunday - First Camping Trip

My humans went away this weekend. More on that later this week when I can get a hold of Mom's camera and figure out where they were. The only thing I know for sure is what the little biped has told me... She says: "I saw dinosaw bones. I went to the oo and see pannaz. I swim with Daddy."

I remember when they used to go away and they even took me with them. That doesn't happen too often anymore. The neighbors' grandson or the little biped's sitter's daughter comes over to take care of me, Sky and the Annoying One. That's OK, but it's not the same as going away with the humans.

A few weeks before Mom and Dad's wedding, we all went on my first camping trip for a weekend to Gettysburg. Mom had read in a bridal magazine that it was a good idea to take a pre-Honeymoon weekend trip one to two weeks before the wedding in order to relax and forget about the wedding stuff for a while. We went to the KOA, which is only a few miles away from the site of the famous Civil War battleground. This weekend is actually the seventh anniversary of that trip.

Late April nighttime tempatures aren't always the warmest, so Mom and Dad got pretty cold the first night. They ended up going to a nearby store on Saturday to find extra blankets to put inside the sleeping bag. Unfortunately, the only thing that they found (which was cheap enough to be used while camping, but still warm enough) was stadium blankets with a local high school's name on them. Those blankets are now used to cover Mom and Dad's bed at home during the day to keep Sky and Canyon hair off of the nice comforters and quilts. I didn't mind the tempature at all. We spent the day Saturday driving through the battlefield and stopping to look at the monuments. Later we went back to the campground to spend another night before coming home on Sunday. We had a good weekend so Mom and Dad decided to made an annual trip to Gettysburg with me and sometimes with Grandma and Pop for several years. The trip started taking place in August somewhere along the line (I think to coincide with a quilt show) and one year it was so hot (over 100 degrees). Mom and Dad were worried that I would overheat with all my glorious husky hair. I was constantly having cold water dumped on me (which was nice and helpful). Even worse that weekend was the frightful thunderstorm that came through to take care of all the heat and humidity that weekend.

Then the little biped came along and we stopped going to Gettysburg because Mom and Dad figure that the little biped would probably be bored silly with that trip, but we continue to camp at other places. Here's some pictures from that first trip...

Mom and I at Little Round Top

Me in a Husky Ball at the campground

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Enjoying the Weather...

Hey Everydoggy,

The three of us got to spend some quality time together in our dog yard. Mom, Dad and the little biped were working on planting some things in our garden. So far, mom planted some different kinds of tomato and pepper plants. She also plans on putting grean beans and zucchini in the garden. We can't wait for some grilled zucchini and zucchini bread!
This was dad's attempt at a picture of all three of us....by the way....I think they forgot to feed the little biped tonight!
Hi Canyon! Sky in his usual pose watching traffic go down the road...

Canyon enjoying the firespray tulips....

Mom's attempt at a pic of all three of us.....notice this time I am cooperating! I have to be easy on her sometimes....

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

At Least She Tried....

Hey Everydoggy!

This was Mom's attempt to get all three of us in the same picture...Better luck next time!

Kisses, Sky boy

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Single Sunday - Before I was a Kapp

Hey Everydoggy,

I've decided it's time that I get more time on this blog. It seems the two boys have taken things over lately! I demand equal time on this blog and I've come up with a new weekly feature (me)and I have titled it "Single Sunday" (thanks to Steve and Kat for this idea...I just modified it a bit!) In perfect husky style I am even making my humans work hard to help me with this. It requires mom and dad to scan printed photographs onto the computer rather than just uploading from a memory card.

Anywoo, back when I was a single husky, mom, dad and I went just about everywhere together. I am certainly a well-traveled husky or, at least, used to be. On Sundays, you will learn about all my adventures I had before the other two and the litte biped came along.

The first pictures I found were pictures mom and dad took when they came to visit me before I was officially adopted. I've told you before my adoption story and how I picked mom and dad out and they would come and visit me every weekend until I came to live with them. This one time, mom and dad took me for a car ride to see how I would travel in the car. Ma and Pa (MaPaw's founders) gave my new mom and dad directions for a park about 15 minutes away. I rode really well in the car and I even got to see some geese at the park.

This was me wooing at the geese

As you can see mom and dad had gotten me a new bandana and a car seat belt harness. I was one stylin' doggie.

We all went for a walk in the park and spent some alone time together as a family. Mom and dad were excited that I loved riding in the car and was well-behaved.

Stay tuned for next Sunday! My first overnight trip with mom and dad...

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Thursday, April 17, 2008

ECHO's Ruling!

Hey Pups!

ECHO, Siberian-at-Law, has reviewed my case, Canyon vs. Mom and Dad.

Settlement stipulation #1: "Canyon will have exclusive use of aforementioned bed for one entire night."

Well, so far that hasn't happened yet!

#2: "Mom & Dad will be issued a suspended sentence of one night sleeping on the floor by the door to the garage. They will be observed for the period no less than one week and will report to the short, cute biped for daily evaluations. As a further stipulation to this recommendation, it will be noted that no food items (cookies, candy, cake) or toys can be offered to persuade evaluator for a favorable report. This would be considered a violation of their probation which will immediately revoke their suspended sentence and will result in a night by the door to the garage....on the floor."

Seeing as Dad is in Mississippi this week, this hasn't happened either.

This is the little biped's daily report: "Canyon is nice, Sky is nice, Mommy is nice and Kelsey is bad".....She speaks the whole truth!

#3: "Furthermore, due to the findings of assault for perpetrator known as "Sky", we recommend he attend one day of anger management counseling."

A picture from Sky's Anger Management Course led by the little biped...

One satisfied customer!

#4: "In addition, in an effort to avoid Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome - Canyon will be given one extra biscuit twice daily for the period of 30 days."

Hmm......Mom skipped this one last night when she read ECHO's ruling last night! I'm off to get my double dose of treats.

Puppy slurps, Canyon (ECHO, as payment I will be clawing mom into baking you some homemade biscuits!)

Pee Ess: Kelsey Ann wanted me to let everypup know she has a new weekly feature she's working on right now. It will start this Sunday, so STAY TUNED!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Where did my body go?????

I seem to have lost an important part of myself!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mounting Evidence

Hey Pups!

I've been bugging Mom and Dad to tell you about this for several days, but they were too busy this weekend with yard work, house cleaning, a trip to the tree and garden store to buy a rose bush (one was lost in an ice storm this winter), and a local high school's production of Beauty and the Beast (this picture is of Belle and the little biped in her Cinderella dress when they went to Disney World in January).
On Friday night, I told you about Sky attacking me. Saturday morning this is the condition I was in...
I walked around the house crying and making a huge deal about my sore right leg. They gave me some aspirin in peanut butter with my breakfast - then I threw up on the little biped's feet. I figured pretending to be hurt wasn't worth it if that was the reaction I was going to get from the medicine so my leg healed up pretty quickly.

Puppy Slurps, Canyon

Pee Ess: ECHO, Siberian-at-Law, please review this as furthur evidence for my case!

Friday, April 11, 2008

No Bed Privileges

I've lost my bed privileges tonight. Normally, when Dad is away, I sleep stretched out in his spot. When he's home, I sleep on Mom's feet. It's raining here tonight, so it's a teensy bit muddy out. Sky and I went outside when Dad took laundry downstairs (we think whenever someone is going to the basement, we get to head out the backdoor from the walk-out basement to the dog yard). Sky was really mean to me. He attacked me and rolled me in the dirt. When we came in, Dad made us both sit and stay while he got one of the old towels from the closet to wipe our feet. I had mud on my feet, legs, belly and back because that big meany, Sky, rolled me around in the MUD. When we came back upstairs Dad told Mom: "Dirty dog lost his bed privileges for the night." So, now, I'm dictating to Dad while laying by the door to the garage (that's where the steps go to the basement), hoping that I can go back out in the rain to try to get the dirt washed off so that I'll be clean. Surely, Mom and Dad will let me get in the bed once I'm clean; what bipeds wouldn't want a wet dog in bed with them? If I don't convince them I'll just wait until they fall asleep then pounce on the bed to take my spot! Oh no, got to go, Sky's coming and he looks like he wants to hurt me again. ECHO, Siberian at Law, I NEED YOUR HELP!

Puppy slurps, Canyon...

... I don't want to hurt him - I just wanted to chase that stupid mutt away from the computer so I could tell you why he deserved to get knocked down and rolled in the mud. When you are as stupid as he is, you deserve to be punished and lose some privileges and I'm just the dog to open a can of whoop-a** on him. Mom came home from work early today so he thought he was in trouble. He got all guilty looking, ears back, tail tucked between his legs, and rolled over on his back submissively, causing Mom to spend 10 minutes walking around the house looking for whatever it was that Canyon broke, destroyed, mutilated, tipped over or chewed up. Of course she found nothing, because he had done nothing. But, he's too stupid to realize he didn't do anything wrong. Because of this, Mom ended up getting started on her rose bush trimming 10 minutes later than she planned. This is why Canyon deserved to get what he got.

Kisses, Sky...

... Okay, it's the referee's turn. I didn't see any of it happen. When Mom came home from work, I was asleep on my throne. When they went outside; I was asleep on my throne; but it's my job as referee to determine who wins the fight. Sky wins because Canyon is annoying. Off to the closet I go....it's thunderstorming!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Mapaw Shirts

Tonight at 9:30 PM, Mapaw announced a new design for the apparrel products they sell. It's really cool and it was designed by a Mapaw volunteer! Here's a picture of a one of the shirts with the new design.

The design is available on lots of different types of shirts, in many different colors You can get it on polos, sweatshirts, maternity shirts for biped mommy's-to-be, and bibs and onesies for biped puppies. Click here to see all of the possibilities. Or go to the Mapaw store, to see all of the products that they sell. Remember, this is to help other huskies and husky mixes find furever homes like we have gotten. Mom and Dad volunteer with Mapaw and if it wasn't for them and Mapaw, I wouldn't have my great home (but I also wouldn't have to deal with the Annoying One - he was a Mapaw transport failure for Mom and Dad). Thanks for reading my plug.
Woo woo, I'm Kelsey Ann, and I approved this message.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cooking in the Kapp Kitchen

Hey Everydoggy!

Yesterday started out with a large breakfast for the bipeds. Eggs, sausage, and hashbrowns. Later in the day Mom made a double-layer chocolate cake for her Dad's birthday. There was no dinner cooked at home yesterday because they ate with Nana and Pap. But today, Mom more than made up for not having cooked dinner last night.

This morning at about 7:30, the little biped came into Mom and Dad's bedroom (ours too) and announced: "It's time to get up... it sure is." Lately, sayings like "it sure is," "I sure did," and "you sure can" have been some of her favorites. So Mom and Dad got up to start the day.
First thing, they started cooking a rump roast in the crockpot using a recipe Mom had submitted into the Mapaw cookbook. The recipe was given to Mom by the wife of their Best Man after she had cooked it for Dad on his birthday many years ago. Last night around 11, as they were making the shopping list for the grocery store, they realized that they would need a can of beer to make the au jus dip for tonight's dinner. Dad said he would have to run out to get the six-pack store because they wouldn't be able to get any beer on Sunday in Pennsylvania. Mom asked what happened to the six-pack of Mad Elf that Dad got for Christmas from their friends. It turns out that there are still two of those left; however, Dad didn't think that Mom would want to use that since she doesn't like cherries and Mad Elf has a cherry and honey flavor (it also probably wouldn't taste very good with beef). So off Dad went at 11pm to get some of the silver bullet.

Next, Mom made some scrambled eggs, then they ate and got ready to head out for the grocery store. Normally on a Sunday, it would be a trip to church, but Mom and Dad chose not to go today and to get some other things done instead. A couple hours later they returned with more groceries than they've bought in one trip for a long time. Of course there was no dog food in all of this. They haven't bought dog food for us at the grocery store since the pet food recalls; now we get gourmet dog foods like Canidae(or if you are Khyra, Khanidae) and Eagle Pack Holistic.

Before they went to the grocery store, a female duck jumped out of the bushes in front of the house and flew away. We saw it all from the window. How excited were we?!?!? Sky especially likes duck because that's what is in his Eagle Pack. We tried to get Dad to go out and shoot it so that Mom could put it in the freezer until July when the raspberries are ready. Roasted duck breast with raspberry sauce sounds so goooood! Unfortunately, despite several trips out with the camera, Dad couldn't shoot even a picture of her. Good thing since it turns out she's nesting right in front of our window.

This is what she looked like!

When they arrived home, Mom immediately began cooking. Stromboli with mushrooms, chicken cacciatore with peppers and onions, and turkey meatloaf. The plan was to prepare a few large meals at once and freeze them into several portions each. This way there would be more time during the week for family time and dog walking. While she was doing this, Dad cooked lunch for him and the little biped. He decided to get some scrapple at the grocery store. I've included a link to tell you what this is if you're not from Pennsylvania. He didn't know if the little biped would like it, but it turned out that she loved it. Dad serves it on toast with maple syrup. Finally, Mom made some blueberry bread today.

Well, time to go... Dama and Paw-paw are here for dinner. Oh, I'm sure you could tell....we didn't have a doggy transport this weekend.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Friday, April 4, 2008

Still Waiting...

We're still waiting for the phone to ring......

I think I'll take a nap until it does.......

Maybe we won't be doing a puppy transport this weekend :-(

Puppy slurps, Canyon

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

On Standby

Hey Pups!

Mom got an email from Ma at MaPaw today. There is a sibe/GSD mix at a local shelter that might need MaPaw's help. Mom told me the Sibe Vibe might be called into active duty this weekend. I wonder if I will get to go along and help on this transport if we are called for duty???
Stay tuned for pupdates on our active duty status!

Kisses, Sky boy