Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Visitor Tonight

This evening, we were all out in our dog pen that dad built for us last year. It is a 18 ft x 24 ft fenced area. The fence is chainlink and 6 ft high. Inside the fence, we have a nice tree (it was pre-exisiting and the boys love it) as well as a few shrubs (also pre-exisiting). This year Dad covered up all the grass with mulch because it makes it easier for him to cleanup after us. Dad worked very hard on building it for us so that we could go out without leashes and be able to run around some. We were enjoying the evening breeze right around dusk and watching traffic go by on the two roads we can see from inside the fence. Dad was on the computer in the office which is where the door out to the yard is and my the little biped was in bed trying to go to sleep. Suddenly, Canyon started to bark. Now, he's just a little bit bigger than me and quite a bit smaller than Sky, but his bark is twice as loud as either one of ours. It must be that crazy lab in him. Sky and I turned around to see what he was barking at, and here comes a beagle tearing through the unfenced part of the yard chasing after rabbit. Dad was really concerned that this poor, little lost dog would get hit by a car (the two roads that I mentioned before are pretty busy). He grabbed a hot dog from the freezer and ran out to chase after this dog so he could try to save it from getting in trouble. He caught her in the neighbor's yard (two doors down from us). Turns out the little girl was pregnant too. And to top it all off, she had no tags or license.

He carried her home and got a leash. Dad couldn't go anywhere to look and see if he could find her owners, as the little biped was sleeping and Mom wasn't home. Just then, a neighbor was coming home, so Dad took her around front to see if the neighbors knew where she belonged. They didn't. Dad called another neighbor; this person thought she might know where this poor, little lost girl belonged. Dad got a phone number and made a call. He ended up having to leave a message. Dad was about to call the police to see if they had gotten a report of a missing dog, when the neighbor said that he found out where the dog belonged and that the owner was on his way to pick her up.

I'm just glad that this story had a happy ending and the poor, little lost girl found her home. But, this allows me to make a few much needed reminders.

1) Spay and neuter to avoid unwanted pets. There's already a pet overpopulation in this country. Go to a rescue instead.
2) Make sure that your pets are wearing leashes when they go out so that they don't run away. It may even be a law.

3) License your dog. That way if something does happen, it's easy for the county or city to find you and reconnect you with the dog.
OK - so I'll get off my soapbox now. It's Wednesday, so the polls are closed and a new poll starts. Your favorite thing to do is play. Today's poll was inspired by the poor, little lost girl. Make sure you get your votes in.
Kelsey Ann

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Tasha & Eva said...

Good thing that your Dad is a fast thinker and caught her. Food bribes always work :-)
You made some very good points. Another good idea is to microchip your pups and cats, in case they lose their collars and tags.


The Daily Echo said...

It frustrates my Mom when she sees doggies running around without ANY tags at all! We discovered some people figure their dog is microchipped so they don't need a tag. Unfortunately most people don't carry around a scanner to figure out where that poor lost doggie belongs. It's really such a simple thing and for some reason, some humans just can't manage it. She thinks people should have to pass a test to have a pet. We won't even address the fact that the poor Beagle is pregnant. ::sigh::

Ferndoggle said...

Excellent work by your Dad! This kind stuff gets Mom really mad. Accidents happen, of course but often people are just irresponsible.


Holly said...

I'm glad your dad caught and found that poor doggie her home. But, your reminders are very important! We have name tags, licenses, and also microchips! You can never be too careful. It may save a life!


Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Good for your dad! Some people sure are silly. It makes my mommy really angry and she starts to growl

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Good advice Kelsey Ann. Steve and I decided to review your check list.

1. Spay and neuter: check
2. Leash: check (unfortunately)
3. License: check (which is good because we can't go to the dog park without our license!)


Amici said...

Your Dad sure is smart! Food is always a good way to get a dog's attention.

We agree with your points and sometimes it's good when a person gets on his/her soapbox. We all need friendly reminders now and again. :)

-- The Mullin Clan's Mommy -- said...

Your dad got definitely got his exercise for the evening! I just shake my head when I consider why do some people have pets of any kind if they will not take care of them properly? We have lupine collars for Cosmos & Juneau. They are the greatest idea in dog collars. A combined non-slip regular/choke (friendly)collar. When we leave the house with our guys I use the ring on the non-slip part. They can't slip the collar off if they bulk at where we want them to walk. It won't tear their fur around the neck because it is made of the same material as the collar part, and it is not as severe as a regular choke chain. We got Juneau chipped on his first vet appointmet. We also have a tag on each of them showing that they have pet insurance. If either one of them somehow escapes, & people need to take them to a vet, VPI pet insurance will contact us to let us know that they have been found & where they are.

The Army of Four said...

Great reminders, Kelsey Ann - and WAY TO GO, Dad-o-the-Kapp Pack! Great work!
Play bows,