Monday, August 20, 2007

Huskyless Vacation?

Hi All, I am back to taking the computer over again. I have lots of time to dictate since I am resting up and recouperating from my mastectomy surgery. Thank you for all the well wishes. Dr. Horst and his staff were very nice to me today. They told me in private that I should take advantage of the sympathy for as long as possible. Dr. Horst said my bump was definetely a tumor but we need to wait a week or two for the biopsy results. I will let everypup know when we get those.

Ok, so you will never believe what I found on mom and dad's computer last night. For those that didn't know mom, dad and the little biped left us for a few days and our good friends Megan and Morgan came to check on us a few times a day. I found pictures from their vacation. Apparently they went to Maine again. Dad's corporate office is in Maine and he had to go to teach a training in Portland. So mom and the little biped tagged along.

I wish I would have gotten to go. I've been to Maine before, back when I was the only dog and before the little biped was around. It appears that they did lots of neat things.

Mom and little biped went to the beach to walk around.

They went to look at lighthouses and ate at the Lobster Shack. Personally, shrimp is my favorite.

They got to ride on a big sailboat on Casco Bay in Portland.

They got to see a chocolate moose and a real live moose family.

They helped a wayward husky mix find his way home....see I told you they cheated on us!!!!

They also drove to Pemaquid Point and ate dinner at the little restaurant on the cliffs next door. (hint: If you've seen a Maine quarter you've seen this lighthouse.)

I hope next time they take us to Maine....maybe by then Maine will have SNOW!!!!!!!

I almost forgot...they also went to Planet Dog HQ and the little biped picked us some very yummy treats! Apparently Portland is a very dog friendly town...I just don't get why they left us home....

I couldn't resist including this very silly picture of my dad!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

(I'm feeling very loopy tonight)

11 woo woos:

Bama said...

We're so glad you surgery is over, now the waiting part....we hate that! We still have all our paws crossed that it's not going to be the bad kind of tumor (like there's a good kind?)
We can't believe the 2-legged members of your pack went on vacation without you, you need to look extra pitiful and make them feel really guilty so you can get some extra treats and bellyrubs. (I know, very gentle bellyrubs)
Bama & the RHP

Amici said...

We're glad that you are back home. We're very sorry to hear that it is a tumor but hopefully it will be a non freaky tumor (bad tumor). We'll be wooing for you.

Gee, if you had come to ME with your humans you could have visited me. :) On your sailboat it looks like you saw a couple of places that I have been. My humans haven't taken me to Crescent Beach, Two Lights, or the Wild Animal Park (we think that is where you saw the real Moose. :) ). Looks like you all had a lot of fun!!

My Mom's in laws were married at Pemaquid Point. She grew up in the Midcoast ME area so Pemaquid was one of the lighthouse favorites. :)

We're super glad you came to ME and we're happy you saw a bunch of ME's wonderful sights. Kelsey Ann, next time give me a paws up and I'll meet you at the local dog park. (Wink Wink).

The Daily Echo said...

Our paws are still crossed over here Kelsey Ann. We're hoping for good news. I don't get why they don't take us EVERYWHERE. They're missing out on alot of fun. Woo...too bad you couldn't bring that lost doggie home. She would have matched Misty II and could live in the White Husky Foster Kennel.

The Army of Four said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Kelsey Ann! We just know you're going to get GOOD news!!!
Why would anyone want to go anywhere without their Siberians?!? I just don't get it. Those were really pretty pictures!
Play bows

Haicooo said...

Wooo Harley here...I can't believe they left you behind! Best wishes on your recovery...did they at least bring you your own lobster?

Holly said...

I'm glad your surgery is over and you are doing well. I will pray for good news for you!

Those are great pictures! It is really too bad you didn't get to go cuz it looks like there were lots of places you would have really enjoyed! Better luck next time!

That lobster is huge!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Oh, we are glad that you're back home safely. You should definitely get spoiled rotten right now!! We sense that having a little biped means dogs get left out, so we are glad we don't have one. :-)

Steve and Kat

The Brat Pack said...

We're still sending good vibes your way. We love ya :)

Those are some great pics, thanks for sharing!

The Brat Pack

cyber-sibes said...

Nice vacation, even if they didn't take you along. Claw them.
We're supposed to go to Maine soon to visit hu-mom's bro. We'll keep an eye out for that chocolate moose!

Hope you're all better now!
Star & Jack A-roo

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo Woo Woo! I am glad the surgery is past you and you can focus on receiving LOTS of attention. I hope the tumor comes back negative for cancer. We will keep sending positive vibes to you ;)

-- The Mullin Clan's Mommy -- said...

Hi-woo Kelsey Ann,
I hope you are felling better each day (good drugs help!)& will keep my toes crossed that everything will be OK.

P.S. They didn't cheat on you wif the husky mix. See even if they couldn't take you wif them, they are still thinking of 4-legged furballs!