Sunday, January 13, 2008

I can't believe it!

Hey Everydoggy,

This weekend is very special to me. 7 years ago this weekend, I came to live with my mom and dad. Mom had always wanted a husky but couldn't get one until she moved out on her own. As soon as mom and dad knew they were getting a place to live they started browsing the internet to look for huskies. The first website they came to was MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue. Mom was a husky novice and thought the color of the husky was important (in my opinion it still is....hehehehe) and she always wanted a red and white husky. Well, what they saw was my picture and story.
The next thing they did was to fill out the adoption application. MaPaw was very thorough and careful and checked their references well since mom had never owned a dog before. Once their applicationwas approved it was time for them to come and visit MaPaw. I was in rescue when MaPaw was still so small that they didn't even have foster homes yet and all the foster doggies were at Ma and Pa's house.

Mom and Dad scheduled a visit to see they doggies, and as soon as they came into the house and sat on the floor to greet us doggies, I walked up behind mom and put my paws on her back. SHE WAS MINE! Mom and Dad started visiting me almost every weekend since they would not move into their place until the beginning of January. I had to wait about 6 weeks until Ma and Pa could take me to my furever home.

Adoption Day 2001

Through the years I have experienced many changes in our family. Mom and Dad originally rented a townhouse and about 4 years ago bought their own house, at which time Sky came to live with us. A little over a year after that our little biped arrived. Our family has been through many happy and sad times over the years. I am so glad Ihave the chance to experience all these things in a home where I am taken care of!

When I arrived at MaPaw, they had gotten me from a human society. I was found wandering along the side of the road in Pennsylvania Dutch country. They were pretty sure I was "dumped" from a puppy mill or ran away from one. I was estimated to be just under a year old and it appeared I may have had a litter of puppies. My fate was very uncertain in the shelter because they found out I was heartworm positive and had it not been for MaPaw, I strongly believe I would not be here today telling my story. MaPaw not only nursed me back to health but taught me how to socialize with other dogs and most importantly people.

After I got to my furever home, mom and dad had to work a lot with me on my submissive peeing issues. I would get very anxious and worried if I did something wrong or if there were loud noises or voices. But mom and dad didn't give up on me and now I don't have any of those issues. Although, I think Canyon would say I'm anti-social.

In the past 7 years our family has remained involved with MaPaw. Along they way we have gone to countless meet and greets to brag about our breed and to find furever homes for foster dogs, we've fostered 3 huskies, transported many huskies, being involved in the planning of the inaugural year of the Hike N' Howl, and last but not least, we try to help MaPaw by being part of the blogosphere.

Sky came next...

Then the little biped...

Then finally, the annoying one (aka. Canyon)

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. I couldn't have asked for a better furever home.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann
(Do I get cake today???)

25 woo woos:

The Army of Four said...

Ha ROOOOOOO! Happy Kelsaversary!!! What a great arrival story! We are SO grateful to all bipeds who do rescue work - and we think the MaPaw folks ROCK!
So... are you Pennsylvania Dutch? Which sounds more natural to you: Throw the horse over the fence some hay? Or Throw the horse some hay over the fence? Mom and I study things like this. Ha roo roo roo!
Great weekend to celebrate homecomings! Much happiness to you, sweet Kelsey Ann!
Tail wags,

Jan said...

What a great story with a happy ending. We were throwaways too, so we're real glad to have a home and each other.

jans funny farm

The Daily Echo said...

What a great day for a celebration! Congratulations Kelsey Ann! I do believe someone should bake a cake in honor of this important occassion.

Jake of Florida said...

Kelsey Ann,

We're so glad you visited our blog today, otherwise we might have missed the chance to come by and discover it was your anniversary.

We're very happy you've had such a wonderful 7 years with an ever-expanding family!!! (Kind of like our Mom and Dogdad who just celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary in late December!)

Hope you get some cake -- and lots and lots of cuddles!!!

Special anniversary woofs!!!

Jake and Just Harry

(Our great- grandfather had a drygoods store in New Holland. Is that near you?)

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


Khongrats on your KhelsyAnn-iversary!!

Khake for everybody!!!

Wags and Wuv From you PA Pal,

Maddox said...

Kelsey Ann you are gorgeous and though Mom thinks Canyon is KHUTE, we understand about annoying.

Okay, cuz *I* am the annoying one...

And I am being bad, hijacking mom's computer, looking for happy stories for her to read cuz she keeps crying over Durango.

Did you get a cake?


Asta said...

Kelsey Ann
Congwatulations on youw adoption Day!!! Youw stowy is vewy special and you awe obviously vewy loved by youw gweat family!!
I'm happy to meet you and youw family
hope you have a supew celebwation
smoochie kisses

Pacco de Mongrel said...

happy adoption day 2 u...

Kate said...

Hello Queen Kelsey
Just another thing we have in common. Today is my gotcha/rescued master & mistress day. But only four years ago, although I was wandering the streets to find someone to adopt, as I think you know by know.
Not that mistress has written anything on my blog yet. Pooh.

I am so pleased that we have both found our furever homes. I love happy husky stories.

Love and congratulations


Kate said...

I meant now.


Lacy said...

woofies Kelsey Ann, Sky and Canyon, happy adoption day, Kelsey Ann....u shood send ur story to Chris is doing rescue storys of dwb's...

b safe,

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Happy furever home-versary, Kelsey Ann. Mapaw is a great place. My mommy & daddy found me through them. I would wuv to come to some events but we live too far away. I'm there in spirit though when all of you meet.

Anonymous said...

Happy Gotcha Day Kelsey Ann!!

Sounds like you were always meant to be with your bipeds - we are so glad you found each other!


Simba said...

Congratulations on 7 years with your wonderful family. It sounds like you are very loved.

Simba x

Anonymous said...

What a great story Kelsey Ann! You are one lucky pup to have landed in such a loving family. We are so glad you submitted your story to us, and we'll be posting about you next week on our blog. Abby never went through any bad stuff, but Rosie did, like you. (we don't know any details except she was found wandering by the dog warden and was scheduled to be euthanized when Lil Paws Rescue saved her; we can tell she was abused and she's afraid of men)

Hope you had a great anniversary day, you lucky dog!

Abby & Rosie

Bama said...

Happy Pupaversary, Miss KelseyAnn! You had such a rough start, we're so glad you ended up in a wonderful furever home, thank woo for sharing your story!
Bama & the RHP

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

Kelsey Ann, thank you so much for telling us your interesting story.

I am so glad you found such a lovely family.

Love and licks, from Marvin xxxxx

Also a rescue dog.

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh sorry forgot to say Happy Anniversary!

One of the pack said...

Happy Anniversary, and thanks for sharing your story with us. Copper or wool are seven year anniversary gifts. So, I'm thinking maybe a copper bowl filled with your favorite foods and a boiled wool toy! Enjoy your celebration with the whole pack!

Lacy said...

woofies Kap wuz gonna post dat of Haggis sooner but mama is way wanted to post dat about da husky? named Blue thats lost too, but cant member whos bloggy me seed it on...if u know, or c it will u let me no...

b safe,

Izzie said...

WOOOOOFFFFFFFFF! Congrats on your fur-ever-versary! .

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Happy Adoption Day! Sorry we are late with our wishes! We are so happy you found your pawsome home, even if you do have to live with "the annoying one".

Steve and Kat

Ferndoggle said...

What an excellent story, Queenie! It actually sounds a lot like mine. I think we both made out pretty well! I'm so glad your people rescued you from a life of having puppies.

Oh & I can totally relate to the annoying one...I'm still waiting for Lola to leave.


Dakota said...

Hi Kelsey Ann,
I'm late, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Gotcha Day! May you celebrate many, many more.

PS - love the rockin' blog music!!

Amici said...

Awww, Kelsey Ann, that is the best story ever! We're so glad you are so loved.