Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hike N' Howl 2007

Mom and I posing in front of the sled (Echo's dad took this pic!)

Today was a great day in the history of Siberian Husky (and other Northern breeds) rescue. Three rescues filled with volunteeer bipeds pulled together to help us pooches, past, present, and most importantly, future. I had lots of fun and got to see a lot of old doggy friends and made tons of new doggy friends. I even got to meet some more blogging doggies (well, at least mom did). I was so exhausted I passed out asleep as soon as we got home....Canyon and Sky were very jealous, but I am the Queen and had a duty to meet with all the subjects in my husky kingdom. I hope you all enjoy the pictures I had mom and dad take for me today.

This seemed to be an awfully funny looking husky (shhh...don't tell but that was Magnum and Blue's mom in there). Some of the doggies thought it was just another sibe, some thought it was a really, scary, huge monster husky and some, like Precious, were very smart and figured out it was just a very nice biped there to say hi to all of us doggies, HUSKY STYLE!!!!

This is what the MaPaw booth looked like...ready to go for the day!

Mom was assisted by Meeshka's mom in doing a talk on how to help us doggies in the event of an emergency. Mom discussed how to stock a pet first aid kit, how to learn more about our normal selves so the humans can help us to know if we are having a pupmergency, choking (that's Meeshka's mom demonstrating back blows for choking), allergic reaction, burns, and seizures. The talk concluded with Meeshka's mom telling everydoggy about GimpyDogs.

This is Maverick, MaPaw's newest foster.

This is me in the alumni parade....I got to be introduced with the Seniors. In my case, age and beauty go together. I was so proud to be representing MaPaw!

Remember Maximus?? His new name is Maximillion ( I do think the name fits...he seems to have struck it rich with his new family) and here he is with his new sister, Tasha (a MaPaw dog too). He was awfully interested in the goody bags and he looks very happy!!! Mom, Dad, and myself visited with him and his new sister and dad for a little while.

Last, but not least, can you believe this is Rocky pup?? Look how he has grown in a few short weeks. He was definitely soaking up the attention today.

We couldn't have asked for a better weather or turn-out of doggies and their humans. One of the park rangers guesstimated we had about 200 doggies at the event throughout the day. The numbers for money raised are looking to be very astounding...and it will be bigger and better next year. My mom is already very excited for next need to rest up for next year. Good night to all!!!

Woo Woo, Kelsey Ann

BTW, Don't feel bad for Sky and the annoying one (Canyon), Dad told them they get to go to the Scottish-Irish festival next weekend.

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Katherine and Pippa, said...

What lovely piccies - and Rocky is adorable.

I will try and post some news about the funds raised when we have a figure.


The Army of Four said...

GREAT pictures, Kelsey Ann! It looks like it was a 100% FUN event ... and successful! Congrats to all!
You got to be in a parade!?!? That is so cool - and senior Sibes ROCK!!! You look very regal in that picture!
Thanks for sharing some pictures! I loved seeing everypuppy! Doesn't Maximillion look happy!?!? And Rocky has gotten so BIG!
Lots of tail wags,

The Daily Echo said...

It was a great day indeed! Mom is anxiously awaiting some great adoption applications and is cautiously optimistic that at least 3 MaPaw dogs might have found some great homes. WOOOHOOO!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun! You look beautiful with your mom. And I can't believe the MaPaw booth. Look at all of those shirts and stuffies! I wish I had been there. Hopefully we can go to the next one or the next, depending on when we move next year. Mom wishes she had been there too because she's been trying to find a pet first aid class to take around where we live and she hasn't had any luck. Hopefully she'll be able to take one from your mom at a future Hike & Howl!!

Steve and Kat

Holly said...

Wow, that looks sooo great! I sure wish I could have gone! I hope lots of pups found some new homes.


DKMaialetti said...

Hi Kelsey, I am glad to hear that the Hike 'N Howl was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!
Cool pictures. I wasn't allowed to go to the Hike. We were left home alone - AGAIN! Mom usually tries to take us to events but she left us home for this one. Her and Dad
went late and they were working the food booth.
My Mom met your Mom but she didn't realize who she was until she saw your pictures.
I am glad you had a good time.

The Brat Pack said...

We all know us Seniors are the best anyway. :)

Looks like a good time, I'm still jealous.


MaPaw said...

I was surprised how tall Rocky Pup had gotten already. What a great day!

Dakota said...

I'm giving Hike n howl five paws up. I had a tremendous time!!! I met that odd Husky too. I have to get The Mom to post the picture of her and I in front of the sled on my blog. She's such a camera shy one......

Sophie Brador said...

Hey doggies, Nice to meet you!

IndyPindy said...

My mom got to meet you Kelsey Ann, but I didn't! I was with my dad at that time. Oh well, there is always next year!I had great fun at the hike!

The Husky in the Window said...

We love the pictures and seeing all the fun you'all had. And that Rocky pup is soo cute.
Thanks for sharing the fun.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Windswept's Diamond Royale said...

WOW That looks like SOOOOO much fun!!! I so wish I couldve been there! Boo-Woo :(


Anonymous said...

Oh awesome photos!!!! I see LOTS of stuffies on that table...