Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Flipper: A Dog's Best Friend

Hey Pups!

It's me, Canyon. I can't wait to tell you about my new toy. I've been having SOOOO much fun playing with it. Awhile back mom was going through some stuffed animals that had been hers when she was a kid and came upon my new toy. It sat in the doggy toy box for a long while and mom finally showed me the other day how it works. It squeaks and squeaks and squeaks!! Really loud too! Kelsey Ann is SOOOOO annoyed with me (ok, that's seems to be a permanent mood in regards to me). She likes to make the humans think she's hard of hearing but it's all just an act. Here's a video of me with my new toy (sorry about the running water in the background, Dad needed to put water in his fish tank)

I wonder if real dolphins squeak like this one? Have any of you doggies every met a dolphin in real life? Did it squeak?

Puppy Slurps, Canyon

8 woo woos:

Tucker said...

That was nice of you to let Kelsey have a walk-on part in your movie!

I've never seen a dolphin. Or heard one. I know they live in something called an ocean. And in big fish tanks, too.

But don't put your dolphin in your fish tank!

I think it's a species that doesn't like water!

(Don't let Kelsey put it in the tank, either!)

sharkgila said...

Tee hee hee. Squeak squeak squeak.
Your dolphin is so fun.


Katherine and Pippa, said...

What it is to be a puppy eh?

You are certainly the star of that film. Poor Kelsey being told to leave it. Aww.

And I've not seen dolphins, or fishes, well only the ones in the harbour when I have been for a walk there sometimes.


Barlow Putz said...

for de...tail...ed pictures of the group that made slightly fattened siberian female dogs popular you can now go directly to our blogm and get a peak at us

Maddie & Frankie said...

Great Vid of you with the dolphin!
Woo Woo, I luv the squeakky toys. Not allowed since I was a pup cuz i always get the squeakker out way fast and then its to the trash.
What a Dolphin find! And hi, to Kelsey at the end.......

Frankie Grrrl

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said...

We love your video with the dolphin, squeak, squeak, squeak. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

xoxoFour Pugz

IndyPindy said...

I have never met a dolphin but my mom said she has seen a few and they can make squeaky sounds really well. I wish I had a squeaky toy. Mom doesn't buy them for me because I shred them immediately.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

That looks like a fun toy! I've never met a dolphin, so I'm not sure if they squeak. Maybe you should take a field trip to the ocean!