Thursday, June 26, 2008

What an Exciting Night

First off, Biloxi is here. We won't make you wait until the end of the reading to find that out. Mom didn't have an opportunity to post more pictures of the trip during the day because she had to work. After work, she stopped home let us out, and then went to meet Dad at the rental car place where he was dropping off hte rental and being picked up by Mom.

We've gotten pictures emailed to us this week with short captions. Dad didn't want to try and type too much on his blackberry while driving, but now that he's back we've gotten to see more pictures and hear the full story.

On Sunday, Dad drove about 650 miles to Chattanooga, TN (the drive was very bee-woo-tiful through the Shenadoah Valley). He spent the night there and got up early to finish the driving to Jackson, MS (another 400 miles) on Monday morning. When he arrived in Jackson, he went to one of his offices and worked several hours. Next stop, China Wok, for sesame chicken followed by a twelve hour nap.

Tuesday found Dad at work again at two other offices. Nothing very exciting happened.

Wednesday started with a 100 mile drive to Hattiesburg, MS where Dad has two more offices. After working all day, he began the 185 mile drive to Tuscaloosa, MS where he met the volunteer from the shelter who delivered Biloxi. From here, Mom kept you up-to-date on the happenings for the rest of Wednesday evening. Here's a picture of their quarters last night in Trenton, GA where they arrived at 11:30 pm.

This morning, Dad woke up very early (about 4:15). He remembered it was his birthday and realized he's not as young as he used to be. There was a time (half a life ago now) when Dad would sleep in a tent this small, in the same sleeping bag, without an air mattress and there was no problems. Not so anymore... Dad was up early because he wasn't very comfortable. He laid in bed about half an hour before deciding it was time to get up and get on the road.

Turned out that the extra driving time was worth it. He was able to stop more often with Biloxi. Although, there were times he wasn't sure that Biloxi really even cared that he stopped and would rather have kept sleeping in the back seat.

This is a stop north of Knoxville, TN

Same location, Biloxi met cows.

Welcome to Virginia

Welcome to West Virginia

Welcome to Maryland (Meeshka, don't worry Dad kept on driving!)

Drum roll please..... WELCOME TO PENNSYLVANIA!!!!

After 2252 miles of driving since Sunday morning, Dad finally returned the rental car. Mom and the little biped started the return trip home with him and Biloxi around 8pm. Just 45 more minutes and they would be home and we could finally meet Biloxi.

When they got here, Mom opened the garage door so they could carry in Dad's supplies for the week. It turned out that someone had hid in the garage after we went outside because he wanted to be the first to meet Biloxi. The door opened and Sky saw an opportunity to escape. Dad pursued on foot wearing crocs and weighted down with a heavy pocket knife, camera and two cell phones in his pockets. He of course couldn't keep up on two legs when Sky was on four. Mom gave the little biped to the neighbors and chased in the car. Later, Mom returned home in case Sky came back to the house. She called our doggy sitter friend Megan to help Dad look. Some time later, Sky was located 1 block from the house. It was his usual M.O. - find a house with a dog and harass the dog that's in the house or inside the fence; be so involved with harassing the other dog that he doesn't realize someone is coming up to him with a leash.

So finally, at 10:30 tonight, Biloxi was let out of his crate and we got to meet him while the bipeds ate birthday cake.

Welcome to the Kapp Pack, Biloxi, even if only temporarily.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann!!!

18 woo woos:

Holly said...

I was having a heart attack there!! Oh Sky Boy, that is NOT a good thing to do to your family when they return with a new housemate for you!! I'm so glad you are safe!

Now have fun with Biloxi!!


M & S on mom's blogspot said...

Like Holly, we were having a heart attack too! When I saw Khyra's post I FREAKED!!! OH NO!!!!!

Biloxi is so cute! He has great ear-scopes! (lol)

Welcome, Biloxi! (even if supposedly temporary!)

Four dogs isn't that much trouble...


Glad Jeff is okay and hey, nothing wrong with air mattresses from now on. He's earned that and more!

Carolyn, Shelby and Maddox

cyber-sibes said...

Wooos & a-rooos but you all had a hectic evening! Glad it all turned out ok and the evening even included cake.

Happy Birthday to Dad Kapp!

What a heroic mission, Biloxi is adorable & its so wonderful of you to bring him back to PA. Hope your little guest sticks closer to home than a certain "permanent resident." ;-)

Star & Jack A-roo

Simcha said... glad Skye that you allowed the human's to leash you.

I know I give my HuMom a heart attack everytime I escape. It's a game I call "catch the sibe". I know my Humom will engage me in this game as she won't leave me outside wandering the streets. The goal of the game is to stay at least two house lengths in front of them and avoid eye contact at all cost. If you stare straight ahead, the humans think you don't hear them.

Welcome to your foster home Biloxi!

Simba said...

That was the longest journey ever! I think the tent looks cosy, Mummy says there is no way she'd spend a night in there.

Simba x

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Oh my -

What a night to 'kapp' off khwite the week!

Welkhome to PA Biloxi!!

I khan't wait to meet you!!!

PeeEssWoo: Sky Boy: just WAIT until I have a chance to 'chat' with you about your welkhome Dad/Bday surprise...

Indy said...

Glad your dad, Biloxi and Sky all made it home safely! Can't wait to see more pictures of Biloxi, he's so cute!

Ferndoggle said...

Sky, you are not setting a very good example for little Biloxi! But I'm sure you were just trying to come & see me!

Sounds like your Dad had a crazy week. I'm sure you're glad he's home.


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

What a dramatic story! I am so glad Sky is home safely. Well, your dad and Biloxi too. I didn't mean to leave them out. Did you get any cake?


The Army of Four said...

Welcome home, Biloxi! And Dad-o-the-Kapp-Pack, you did GREAT!
Sky................. grrrr! GRRR! Glad you're safe!
Tail wags,

The Brat Pack said...

Thank dogness Sky is ok, Mom's stomach was in knots reading that!! We're so happy Biloxi is home safe and sound.


Kodak the Eskie said...

Wow, I'm exhausted just reading this! Glad you made it home and you recovered Sky! My own mommy just found a lost samoyed and got him back to his owner. Biloxi is terribly cute!! Happy Birthday to your daddy and have a great weekend!

Hugs, Kodak

The Daily Echo said...

Sky we were very worried last night and were sending Sibe Vibes. You heard us and found Dad before he got lost - good boy! Welcome to Biloxi! We can't wait to see more pictures.

Maverick the Pirate said...

glad every body arived back home safely Harrrrr.
Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

Tucker said...

Happy birthday human dad! That trip was a great present to give yourself!

So many welcome signs! How did you know which state was the right one? It's distracting for Sibes when everyone is so welcoming.

Way to go, Sky! Humans are always supposed to expect the unexpected!

Maybe your humans need to watch Pink Panther movies more so they know about Cato keeping Inspector Clouseau trained!

One of the pack said...

Pant Pant Pant Whew!!!!!
Attention seeking behavior already, Sky Boy? Hmmm.

Welcome back all. Dad and Biloxi had a very long road ride. Dad is such an awesome sport! 19 stars for him and on his birthday no less.

We are already ready for a foster failure!

Loving Life,

Lady Lola

Amici said...

Sky, why do you try and give your humans a heart attack? I am so glad they found you.

I guess you wanted to make sure you had a grand entrance to meet your new foster sibling. :)

Sophie Brador said...

Your dad must be one tired dude. Glad he and B made it home safe and sound. I'm secretly hoping you guys keep Biloxi forever.