Thursday, July 17, 2008

V-E-T visit

Hey Everydoggy,

I went to the V-E-T today. He gave me good news and bad news. I don't have a cracked tooth; my tartar is really bad so it appeared to Mom and Dad that maybe one was cracked. That means no surgery for me to get a tooth extraction. Woooo!!! He recommended not having me go under for just a tooth cleaning at my age, so I will start getting wet food with my meals. Also, I've been dieting for the last few weeks and it shows. I've lost six pounds since my last V-E-T visit a few months ago. The loss of weight is supposed to be good for my hips, but they still hurt some. That's the good news. Now what was the bad news...

Oh yeah - the bad news is the humans' suspicions were correct; I do have - what was that he said - oh yeah - Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, aka doggy dementia. I will start taking the generic version of Anipryl. The dementia may be why the humans and I believed I wasn't hearing so well. I don't understand everything they say anymore. It's a lot of blah-blah-blah and yadda-yadda-yadda. So, I ignore it. Hopefully, the medicine will allow for some improvement. Mom placed the order tonight, so in a few days I'll be adding that to my twice daily peanut butter cocktail which already consists of Rimadyl and glucosamine for arthritis, PPA for spay incontinence, and melatonin to help me relax. Mom did some calculations and it now costs them $60 per month to buy my medicine, but hey - I'm worth it because I'm the - what is it that they call me - oh yeah, the Queen.

Biloxi wanted me to tell you: "Hey Y'all, I gots me some sehd-ah-teeves today when I be at da bone doctah so I'd rest all still while I got me some x-ray pic-shers taken. I be purty tired tonight, so I'll tell y'all bout my visit to da bone doctah some udder night. Have a bless-sed day."

Oh, one more thing - what was it - oh yeah, prizes for the blogathon.
A yellow duck, this is Sky's favorite prize

These fire hydrants are Canyon's favorite, but he already has one just like it

Only eight more days until blogathon.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

11 woo woos:

One of the pack said...

Dearest Queen Kelsey Ann,

Thank you for the update! Mom actually let us check a couple of times today! I ignore humans now too. It's kind of fun b/c I get away with murder. This aging stuff isn't that cool, but I do like the added attention. Your Mom is so much nicer than mine. No PB cocktails here. Mom just does it the old fashioned way. Grrrrrrr. Just b/c I eat all around the pills and spit them out (some immediately, and some later)...

Well, at least no surgery for you!
Try to keep Biloxi in line. I'm having a devil of a time with Sparta.

Lhasa Love from another senior,

Heidi, Lady of Leisure

Simba said...

Humans all talk blah blah blah any way. I hope the teeth cleaning doesn't hurt.

Simba x

happy said...

I agree with Simba! Humans all talk blah blah yadda yadda anyway.

Hope the medicine helps.

Have a good weekend.

Thor & Marco Polo said...

WOO WOO Queen Kelsey

We are glad your visit went well. I have to tell you, My very very Best Friend, Samantha was taking that same medicine and it like made her a little girl again. We ran and ran - I hope it does the same for you! She also took that other PPA stuff too. I was always jealous because she her little cocktail of meds in great food too!

Thor and Marco Polo

Katherine and Pippa said...

Hello Kelsey Ann
I still think you are lovely. I just haven't been around to say so, and I am sorry for that.
I am so pleased you are all looking after Biloxi, and what a fine effort your dad made to collect him.
Take care.

Love Pippa xx

The Army of Four said...

The Queen reigns supreme!
We're praying for you, KA - that the meds give you LOTS and LOTS of good days for a long, long time!
Tail wags,

Peanut said...

We hope your medication helps you out.

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Thanks fur the pupdate AND another peak at Day of Blogs prizes!

My pawz are so khrossed for the meds to help you!!

Woo are my pal - we've both been yelled at by Rhett!!!

Hugz&Khysses Skharlett,

Isis said...

Tell those hoomans they've got dementia. SO what if you don't want to listen? what of it? I think there comes a time in our doggy lives... where we've gained the power to not really do what they tell us. I ignore my hoomans all the time.

Either way- i do wish you the best of luck. The hudson furkids sent me your way.

I know you'll be just fine. Your hoomans and friends will definitely help you get through this hard time!

Mango said...

Kelsey Ann,
My Grandpa Angus had the doggie dementia too. Momma would find him just standing and staring at the wall in the middle of the night. It was very sad. She didn't know there was medicine for it.

Beautiful Raja had a whole pharmacy too (same as yours - Rimadyl, glucosamine, and pee pee medicine). All our doggie beds have plastic liners because she leaked pee pee in her sleep.

Hope you are feeling better soon.


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

As long as the medicine is covered in peanut butter, I say sounds good!