Monday, July 14, 2008


Hey Y'all,

I'll tell you what - toothz seems to be da theme 'round here lately.

MyMama founds some pupper toothz on the floor over da weekend, so tonight she reckoned she check to see if me big doggy toothz were comin' in yet. Here be some pic-shers of me new big doggy toothz.

Donts I gots me a purty smile.

Dat be da good news, now da nots so good news...

Kelsey Ann gots herself toothz problems too and I reckon she gonna be losin a tooth or two. She be goin to the vee-ee-tee on Thursday to see 'bout gettin some ant-ay-buy-ah-ticks and be gettin on the doctah's sked-yule to get the bad tooth pulled out. That be the same day I be goin' to the bone doctah to see 'bout gettin' my broken bones all fixed.

The other toothz issue is Kelsey Ann seems to be gettin long in the tooth. She's told y'all 'bout her hearin problems and her joint pain. One of da things dat seemed to go 'long widda joint pain was lots of pacin 'round and pantin. MyMama and MyDaddy and da doctah been thinkin dat it was pain management. But, in da last coup-lah weeks she gots herself anuder problem. She been doin her buzness on da floor from time to time. MyMama and MyDaddy been tryin to figger out what in tarnation be wrong wid dat ol bat. So they dids some research on the internet and found dat Kelsey Ann gots herself a whole mess of da simpsons of doggy dementia. MyMama and MyDaddy gonna talk to da doctah on Thursday night and see what he thinks. Doggy dementia been gettin press las couplah weeks cause da Phil-ee-del-fia Een-kwi-er-er done a story 'bout it. Click here to see da video. Da simpsons dat Doctah Foster and Doctah Smith give are (widda ones dat Kelsey Ann gots in red):

Gettin los in places da doggy should be knowin, likes da home or backyard
Gettin trapped behinds furniture or in cornahrs of da room
Trouble findin an usin doors and climbin up stairs
Not knowin her name or commands dat she always did know
Not wantin to be 'round peoples, play, go for walks, or go outside
Not knowin' family members faces, toys, etc.
Tremblin an shakin, while standin or lyin down
Wanderin aimlessly 'round da house
Hard time learnin new tasks, commands, or routes
Does her buzness in da house, regardless of often she goin outside
Sleeps in da day, and not at night
Be starin at walls or off into da yonder and is startled by lighting, the tee-vee, etc.
Seekin less and less of your attenshun, praise, and play
Not wantin to take treats, drink fresh water, or eat fresh food

So, we all be hopin dat it ain't be doggy dementia dat KelseyAnn gots. Be sayin yo prayers for her.

Well, dat be 'bout it. Oh yeah... Gotta show y'all anuder blog-a-thon pic-sher. 'Member, da blog-a-thon be all 'bout helpin poor-li'l-gots no home doggies like me. I picked dis one cause it be of a bar-b-que apron. Ya gotta use your toothz to eat and bar-b-que be good eatin... Pulled pork, wet ribs, dry ribs, pigs in a pit, corn on da cob, frog legs in sauce, squirrel - dat all be good eats.

Y'all have a bless-sed day.


19 woo woos:

Peanut said...

Congrats on the grown up doggie teeth. We are sorry to hear about Kelsey Ann. We have all our paws and fingers crossed that she will be okay and it isn't doggie dementia

happy said...

That's a set of nice teeth there!

Sorry to hear Kelsey Ann isn't feeling too well there. Keeping paws crossed that it isn't doggie dementia.

The OP Pack said...

Look at those pearly whites!!! Just be sure to use them on the right things.

Strong sibe vibes headed your way for KA.

Woo, the OP Pack

The Daily Echo said...

Maybe you could lend one of your teeth to Kelsey Ann if she gets hers removed. We're sending Vibes and crossing our paws that her V-E-T finds a good solution to her forgetfulness.

The Army of Four said...

Let Kelsey Ann know we'll be praying for her, OK?
You have LOVELY puppy teeth! Ha roooo!
Tail wags,

Ferndoggle said...

I swallowed all of my puppy teeth! Mom never found a single one. We hope Kelsey's Antibiotics do the trick!!!


Lacy said...

w00f's Kapp PaCK...grrr instead of publish mama hit the we gotta start all over will send a donation to mapaw, but cant until next month..and mama iz late wiff biloxi's donation, will git it in mail tomorrow..mama has been verwy worrried bout KA since she seed that video..hope u 2 feels better soon..

b safe,

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We feel so bad for Kelsey Ann. Our feline sister Jenny jad a number of those signs before she left us. We hope KA will be okay.

Thor & Marco Polo said...

WOO WOO - we will pray for Kelsey Ann that the vet can help with her little prolems. Your teeth are pearly white.

Thor and Marco Polo

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

We sure hope that Callie starts loosing those little shark teeth. They are so sharp...
We had a great time with Suzanne and her girls... We can't wait to go back..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I saw one of the toofers with my own eyes on Sunday!

Lukhkily fur me, I was spared the shark experience!!

PeeEssWoo: WE do hope all goes well with your visits - please paw us with pupdates!

One of the pack said...


Welcome to the pack. We are really thinking happy thoughts for Kelsey Ann. It's tough being the new kid on the block, but even tougher getting old. Heidi sends special love to Kelsey Ann for dealing with another baby along with the issues of getting old. She can certainly relate.

You are one cute pup! Glad you are getting into a bit of trouble. It makes Mom feel a bit better about our child, Sparta.

Keep up the great work on donations!

Loving Life,


Simba said...

Get well soon Kelsey Ann. You have super clean teeth.

Simba x

Maddie & Frankie said...


What a nice set of choppers you got there! I hope all of your vet
visits go well and we will keep our paws khrossed for sweet
Kelsey Ann.

Frankie Girrrrrrl

Two Schnauzers from New England said...

Hi, Biloxi -

We saw your story on the Hudson Furkids blog. We hope you ahd Kelsey Ann get good news from the doctor tomorrow. We will send some healing licks and paw hugs for all of you.

Love -

Hershey and Kaci

River said...

Nice looking teef!!

My mom had an old beagle named Kipper who had doggie dementia--20 years old. She was like a toy that would get stuck in a corner, very sad. We used anipryl which helped some. I hope that Kelsey Ann will get good news from the vet. Sending positive thoughts to you.

love & wags,

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

That's really exciting that you're getting your grown up teeth! You'll be able to destroy stuffies even better.

We're hoping the vet can help Kelsey out. Paws crossed.


Mango said...

Kelsey Ann,
I haven't visited you in forever and I am so sad to read about your health problems. First the confusion and now doin your bizness inside?

That happened to Grandpa Angus TOO. He would do poopies in his bed while he slept (fortunately for momma, they were firm and didn't make a mess).


randilyn said...

Congrats on the new teeths Biloxi! You sure are a handsome boy. Hang in there Kelsey Ann, getting old is the pits.... xxxwoooo!