Sunday, June 17, 2007

A friendly visitor

Hi All! Today we had a visitor. His name is Blue. Mom said he just stopped by to run with us to get his all his pent-up energy out before going on a long car ride. Mom said he would be meeting up with another MaPaw volunteer to go stay with some MaPaw friends for a little while. Mom got a call last week from Blue's neighbor. She was concerned that he was not being taken care of very well. So my Mom was able to talk with Blue's owners and they were willing to let him come to MaPaw to find a better home.

Mom said where he was living was definitely not fit for a queen like me. He was in a 10X10 foot cinder block kennel and tied with a HEAVY chain to a dog house in the middle of it. No wonder he had so much energy when he got here. Blue was the victim of being a Christmas present someone didn't expect and who didn't understand our Siberian ways. And boy was he stinky! Mom said that was even after a bath yesterday.
Here we are doing the official sibe evaluation for Ma and Paw and Blue passed with flying colors. Blue seemed very happy to spend time with us and I know with some house training he will make a great dog for someone with sibe experience.

3 woo woos:

The Daily Echo said...

Mom says he's a very handsome guy. He'll find a new forever home real soon. I'll help Mom post his picture right now!

The Army of Four said...

Good luck to Blue!!! He sure is a handsome boy!

Lee :) said...

Blue is very handsome! I am sure someone will turn up soon that is the right fit for him. That is so nice that you all play together in your fenced in yard. :) We'd like to fence in our yard some day. For now, we go to the fenced in dog park daily. :)