Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sky boy part II

Ok, so I left out the part about Sky's romp through the golf course. I was trying to save face for my Dad. Poor Daddy! We had just completed a weekend camping trip to the Poconos. Mom and Dad were extra cautious and on their toes to thwart an escape of my new "little" bro. They had adopted him in March 2004 and this was only July. We survived the entire camping excursion with no catastrophies even a hike at Bushkill Falls.

This was also the trip Mom and Dad visited Lakota Wolf Preserve for the first time. But that's another story. The kennel the wolf preserve recommended for us had Mom and Dad a little nervous. We had to stay there for a short time because we weren't allowed to meet the wolfies. They wanted to put Sky and myself in an outside enclosure (that was ok) but it only had a 3 foot fence.....uh oh....not Sky proof!! They were nice enough to let us use an inside kennel and when Mom and Dad returned for us we were safe and sound.

On the way home Mom and Dad took the scenic route and stopped at a state park to have lunch. Dad's eyeball's were floating (if you know what I mean :-P) and he thought he had secured Sky to the picnic table. So off goes Dad to the potty and amazingly off goes Sky ahead of him!! Once again it became a game of catch-me-if-you-can. Mom and Dad were trying so hard to catch him. Dad slid down a gravel hill and really hurt his hands and knees but they kept trying to catch him. And being the good girl I am, I just stayed (secured) at that picnic table and watched the show.

Sky took a jaunt down a trail that at the end crossed a road and went onto a golf course. He must have had a great time running through the water hazards and the nice, soft grass. Mom and Dad talked to everyone they could and looked for him for about 3 hours. They were about to give up. Please don't think badly of them....he had an ID tag, it would have been getting dark and they did not know the area at all. They took one last drive through the parking lots and in the last parking lot we came down the hill and there was a gentleman walking a black and white husky. Mom and Dad did a double take and exclaimed "It's Sky". Yeah! Happy Day!

The people who had him were the owners of the golf course. Their house is right next door to the golf course and Sky went right into their open garage and laid down. I guess he was really tired from all that running.

So you see now why I tried to save my Daddy the embarrasment. And believe me, Mom reminded him quite often it was his fault. It was after this excursion Mom and Dad got Sky the "come or else" collar. They now keep reminding all of us Sky is the best behaved of all of us (I woowoo in protest on that!) and they don't even need to use the collar anymore.

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Guinness & Shiloh's Mommy said...

okay, your golf course story is better than Shiloh's. He just ran up and down the entire course 3 or 4 times with daddy trailing behind. Then he ducked into the wooded area, got interested in a rotten tree stump and mommy grabbed his collar.


The Army of Four said...

SCARY stuff!
We added your link to our blog - hope that's OK!
Tail wags,

Eeyore19 said...

I went to the golf course today. They're lots of fun.

The Daily Echo said...

Yup. You're a Sibe alright! Not that I suspected you were an imposter. I got away when I was a little tiny guy and made Dad dive into the neighbor's bushes to catch me. I didn't go far cause I just had tiny legs then and he was right behind me the whole time.