Friday, June 22, 2007

Puppy Power

Ok, last but not least is Canyon's story. Last summer MaPaw got a call from a good samaritan who had taken a puppy in. This puppy came from a backyard breeder who ended up giving the puppies away because they were not selling. The puppies were kept outside in a small fenced in area. The good samaritan said the breeder would not let the mom near the puppies. She was looking for a puppy but there family was not quite ready for one. After a sleepless night being concerned about the well-being of these puppies she went back and took all five home. Her sister took one, she had PAWS rescue in Harrisburg, PA take 3 of them and she kept one.

She contacted MaPaw frantic for a place to place Beans. Their 3 year old boxer wanted to eat him. She was keeping the 2 dogs in separate rooms but was worried her children would open the wrong door at the wrong time. She was just ultimately concerned for Beans' safety. MaPaw agreed to take him in right away for his safety and ironically enough, my mom was scheduled to teach a training in Harrisburg the very next day.

Mom met the good samaritan at a pet store in Harrisburg and brought Beans home. Beans was supposed to stay temporarily before going to another foster home....but as you can tell we all flunked puppy transport!
Our biped sister claimed him right away as her puppy and they are inseparable to this day. They are two peas in a pod. Mom and Dad renamed him Canyon and it seems to fit since he is the color of the Grand Canyon. He is a husky/lab mix, which my mom and dad jokingly call a huskador. They also say he behaves like a lab in a husky suit.

As for me Kelsey Ann, I behaved very much like his mother....but I must tell you his puppy license officially expired about 2 months ago. I do not like to be jumped on as I walk across the room or up and down the steps to go outside or at any other time.....thank you. This picture shows the beginning of his loss of license.

4 woo woos:

The Daily Echo said...

Meeka and Shadow will attest to the fact that puppies are VERY annoying! Just when they thought they were done, in marches Shyla. She nips my paws as I try to run away from her. It's great fun. I still act like a puppy though. Sometimes I step on Meeka.

The Army of Four said...

Wooo! We know all about being transport or foster failures around here! Woooooo! :)

The Husky in the Window said...

Oh, you are doing what I do to my older sister Missy. Her tail is just like a stuffie and instead of squaking, it makes her snarl. Don't they understand we need more squakies.
So glad you are in a good home.
Nice to meet you.

Eeyore19 said...

Don't bite Kelsey on the tail because it is not nice. You be nice to Kelsey. Biting is not nice.