Friday, June 15, 2007

Long Live the Queen

In the summer of 1999, someone found me outside (before that I don't really remember where I was since I was pretty young - maybe only 10 months or so). The nice people who found me along side the side of the road couldn't give me a home, so they took me to a place in Lancaster. The people at the place were pretty sure I used to live at a place they called a "puppy mill."Lots of other dogs and cats were in kennels, but I could tell from sniffing that many other animals had been there too. Families came and went; dogs left and other dogs came. No one seemed to want me because people scared me. They say that I had something called heartworm and needed extra help to get better. Finally, Ma and Paw came and got me.

They took me to their house in Lansdale and named me Kelsey Ann. Ma gave me a middle name because I would always start to talk when she got on the phone. I slept in their closet all the time, right on top of Ma's shoes. After many month's of being at Ma and Paw's, a nice couple came to visit. Right away, I realized I could get along with them better than any other people I had met before. Best of all, I wasn't even scared around them like I had been around other people before. I put my paws on the lady's back and claimed them as my own.

I didn't go home with them that day, but they came to visit me several more times over the next few months. They said that I had to wait to come home with them until they had a house to live in. When they would visit, they would take me for walks and one time I got to go for a car ride and chase geese at a lake. During one visit, they spent most of their time filling out paperwork...boring...remember me....I'm over here!

About 3 months after I first met the nice couple, Ma and Paw took me for a car ride. It was a long car ride. I kept asking "are we there yet," but it only came out as "woo-woo." When we got out of Paw's blue van, they took me into another house and guess who was there... was people I had picked to be my own!!! That was six-and-a-half years ago. Soon after that the couple got married. I went on vacations with them to places like New England and the beach in Delaware. I also became a seasoned camper, although I hate when it thunderstorms while sleeping in a tent. We've also added two "little" fur-brothers and a baby human sister to our family.

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The Daily Echo said...

Meeka came from Ma and Paw too! And he remembers Paw's big blue van. It had giant paw prints on it. He stayed at their house for awhile too but he didn't sleep on Ma's shoes. That's the nice lady with the bagles you know. We're glad you picked such nice people. Your Mom makes yummy cookies too!

MaPaw said...

Kelsey Ann I never knew your story. Ma and Paw fostered me too. You were probably one of the dogs I sniffed around their house while I was living there.