Saturday, March 8, 2008

Arch Nemesis Returns

Hey Everydoggy,
I would like to share some bad and good news with you all. I'll start with the tragic news.
A few weeks ago, Mom noticed that the hoses on the vacuum cleaner were torn. She and Dad had to take it to the service center at the retailer for repairs. Four years ago when they got the vacuum, they also got the service plan. This means this repair was covered. When Dad dropped it off, he even talked the man at the store into replacing the electrical cord Canyon had chewed when he was a dumb puppy(Dad repaired it so it was safe, but it was held together with wire nuts and electrical tape).

We were really enjoying the house as it started to fill up with husky hair over the last two weeks, but today the Dyson returned. So, tonight we all had to run away when Mom started it up to clean up the floors. What a downer...

The good news is that I got a Royal Red Carpet since I'm the Queen! Dr. Horst had suggested carpet runners may be helpful to me on the hardwood floors. Mom thought she would test this theory and bought a runner for the hallway and one to put at my food dish so that I won't slip when I'm eating. The one at the food dish is my Royal Red Carpet. Here's a picture.

You can see I am not totally convinced of this theory yet. Mom says in time I will get used to my carpet and put all my feety feet on it.

More good news! I overheard mom and dad talking about taking the little biped somewhere special tomorrow. They are taking her to see something that only happens during this time of year. They also talked about taking me along because they said "Kelsey is the least prey-driven of all of them and the other two got to go to the playdate two weeks ago". Woo Hoo! Car ride! Hmmm...I wonder what we are going to see that mom and dad would have to worry about us hunting prey????? Any ideas????

Until tomorrow, Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

(dreaming tonight of bunnies, opossums and other little furry things. Yum!)

8 woo woos:

Lacy said...

woofies Kelsey Ann, Sky and nooo, u all need to kill dat devil machine...iz not rite it sucks up u hopies u gits to go to a pawsome place, haff fun...

b safe,

happy said...

Royal Red Carpet? What royal treatment!

Hope you'll have fun on your trip!

One of the pack said...

Kelsey Ann,

Royal carpet and a chariot. It's good to be queen! We can't wait to see the pics from your big adventure with the Biped.

Have a Super Sunday.

The Forget Sit & Stay Gang

Asta said...

Hi Kelsey Ann
Thanks fow the nice comments about my Mommi..I'm sowwy youw nemesis wetuwned, but I love youw woyal wed cawpet!!!!
I think you'll leawn to love it.

Awe you going to see the eastew bunny???
If so could you please tell him to bwing me some tweats?
thank you
smoochie kisses

The Daily Echo said...

Well, it should be no other color than red being you're the Queen of course. Meeka says that's the law. Prey? Whenever I hear that word I get hungry!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Do I smell bunnies, jellybeans, and eggs OH MY!

Here khomes Peter Khottontail being chased by a Siberian along the bunny trail!!

Ha rooo rooo ROOO!!!!


The Army of Four said...

Prey drive?!?! That sounds like MY kind of drive! Hee hee hee.
Ammy (I can't help it... it's my instinct!)

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We are getting a Dyson. It sounds horrible. I will tell Kat to chew the cord.