Saturday, March 15, 2008

Long Live the King!

Hey Pups!

It's me, Sky! I've become top dog in this kingdom. The Queen and the Annoying one, or should we call him "Court Jester"?, have been doing a good job of getting into trouble this week. The annoying one even had the audacity to misbehave the day before his birthday. Stoopid, Stoopid, Stoopid!

First I will share the pictures of Canyon's destruction (Mom's even considering making him go to his great during the day again)
These were the dinosaurs the little biped brought home from Grandma's house. They had been mom's when she was little. In all fairness though, mom was not totally upset with Canyon, she did tell the little biped she shouldn't have left them on the floor. Mom knew it was him because he can't act innocent for anything. STOOPID! He chewed the heads, tails, and feet off. Khrya says these were dinosaurs from the Plasticene Age, Ha roo rooo rooo roooo!

This was the sight when mom came home early on Thursday!

Apparently the Queen likes to sort through the little biped socks....I wonder if she found any matches? She didn't chew any of them, just took them out of a laundry basket and scattered them.

So, in light of all these events, this is the new position I have chosen.

It's good to be King! But being King is hard work and very tiring...
Just goes to prove once again that I am the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD!

I also learned I get to go to the Greater Reading Pet Expo today and tomorrow to help support MaPaw. I will get to wear a vest and walk around, doing my best to get my human subjects to donate their money to MaPaw to help other huskies like me. I'll give you all a pupdate on the event when I recooperate. I will be very tired. I get to go with mom and dad because they say Kelsey Ann is too cranky and Canyon acts like too much of a spaz around new people.

Kisses, Sky boy

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Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Congrats to you Sky! Being the good one is always hard. I've decided that I will be the good one when we go out in public, but let Steve be the good one at home. It will make the humans think Mom and Dad are crazy when they hear that I'm a nutty puppy, but the humans just see that I am perfect.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


Sky boy RULES!!

Long live King Sky boy!!!


PeeEss: I'm sure you'll dazzle all that enkhounter woo this weekend!

Turbo the Sibe said...

Have fun ruling! Wooooo!

Jan said...

We hope Kelsey Ann is doing better on her medication.

Looks like you have a mischievous one among you.

Jan's Funny Farm

The Daily Echo said...

Oh those scattered socks around the Queen is very funny! We think Canyon wanted to change the look on the dinosaur's face. It's that new smushed look.

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

It was sure great to see King Sky & Cayon at the Expo today. check out our blog for a cute picture of Canyon

Tucker said...

The Human Assistant hopes the little one wasn't too upset about the dinosaurs.

I hope KA didn't swallow so much evidence that she gets clogged up! She doesn't look so happy in the picture. :-(

One of the pack said...

Sky Boy,

You know better than to be too good. Then the humans begin to expect it more. Look at Queen, she knows it's important to keep up appearances by catching the humans off guard every now and again.

We love your new thrown, though. Sure hope it's as comfy as it looks.

Canyon, those dinosaurs do look awfully hard to resist.

Queen, we think it's a great shot of you! Way to steal the show!

Have a great Sunday.

The Forget Sit and Stay Gang

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

I think Tia and "the Queen" are sisters... Tia LOVES socks too!!!

Maverick the Pirate said...

Where is yer crown or have they not made one for you yet Harrrr.
Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Canyon is really in deep dudu isn't he. And to give it away that he's he guilty one - we practice looking innocent so that no one can tell which of us did the deed.
Thank you also for your kind words about our brother Fritzy's passing on Saturday. We appreciate it and are missing him, even tho he was a pain sometimes.
Abby, Rosie, Jackie, and Gidget

The Army of Four said...

Sky, don't get me wrong. It's cool that you're the King. But really. Canyon fought off a dinosaur attack! and Kelsey Ann was sorting the laundry. I see NOTHING wrong with what either of them did. It's all in how you present it! Trust me... I'm a Siberian. Ha rooooooo!
Play bows,

Pippa said...

I'd just be going to sleep and keeping a low profile me.

Simba said...

Hope you had a good weekend. Trying to catch up on all the blogs.

Simba xx