Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Husky Rendevous

Hey Pups!

It took a lot of clawing for me to get Mom to get this posted. But, she finally decided she would sit down and do it for me. Saturday night, Khyra came to visit. I thought I would get to be her new boyfriend, but she took to Canyon more. We had a great time playing. Khrya was very excited to get to play outside in our fenced dogyard because she doesn't have a fence at home. She only gets to go out on leashes or tie-outs.

Khrya's Mom brought lots of presents. Mom got adult grape juice; Dad got a six-pack of a beer called Siberian Nights, woo-woo!; the little biped got presents for her birthday including candy, several stuffed animals, some princess stickers, and dinosaur bath toys; we got some toys and treats; and there were even several prizes for us to give out during the Blogathon. She also brought a purse that the AO4's Mom made for the Mapaw Ebay auction that she won. Inside the purse was a bag of fur from the AO4 to sniff. Thanks, Khyra and Khyra's Mom.

All the bipeds ate dinner together. Mom made spaghetti and brownies and Khyra's Mom brought bread and a ladybug cookie for the little biped. We didn't get any spaghetti, but we did get treats.

Here's pictures of our visit.

Canyon and Khrya getting to know each other

Khyra and Kelsey Ann meet...

The little biped looking at a present

Getting treats - Notice the Little Biped's Hike N Howl T-shirt with the design that Meeshka drew (front-Khyra, side-Sky, back-Canyon)

Khyra takes treats very gently....

Me checking out the bag of fur from the AO4

Here's two videos from our visit!

I think we made Khyra's day!

Kisses, Sky

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The Daily Echo said...

Miss Khyra looks very happy! I heard she had a great time. Her Mom sure does pick good presents! She must have collected ladybugs for a long time to make that cookie....WOO! What a great time for everypup...and a cute lil biped.

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I'ms STILL telling evFURRYbody about how much I had!

And how khute evFURRYbody was!!

I wanted to be Sky Boy's furiend TOO but he seemed more interested in watching Khanyon and me play!!!

I khan't wait to get bakhk AND maybe see if Ekhho khan khome play too!!!!

Hugz&Khysses to ALL!

The Army of Four said...

That was so GREAT! Khyra and her mom are so generous and wonderful and it looks and sounds like all of you had a blast!
I think maybe you should get the little biped some pointy ears and a fluffy tail, 'cuz she was right in there with every Sibe, playing like one of the pack! Ha roooo!
I love you when your mom told Sky his butt was in the way, he said, "I know." Plain as day; I heard him.
Could you still smell us in the sniffy bag?
Wowzers, to have been there! Thanks for sharing your special day with us!!!

The Army of Four said...

Oh. Sorry. That was me.
Play bows,

Holly said...

Wow, what a great time you all had, and even got lots of presents too!!! I don't think you could have asked for a better, more fun day!!


One of the pack said...

Now that's a real dog day! Y'all are looking to have some fun. How thoughtful of Khyra and Mom to bring such wonderful stuff for everyone! Skyboy was awfully sweet to let Canyon have some romping time. Kelsey is definitely the Momma...making sure the play is all good. Good job, Kelsey.

Much better than Wrestle Mania!

Woo Woo

Thor said...
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Peanut said...

What fun we need to visit someone.

Tasha & Eva said...

It looks like everyone had so much fun. We wish we lived close enough to visit.


Thor said...

It looks like my honorary sis had a good time playing with you guys! Wish we could have been there. I bet we coulda scammed lots of treats out of your little biped and ours! Ha roo!


Ferndoggle said...

That is tooo cool! You guys are so lucky to get to spend time with Khyra & her Mom. And it's OK if she didn't want to be your girlfriend, Sky. I still love you!


Simba said...

Looks like great fun. Glad to see you have the human puppy well trained.

Simba x

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Wow! You pups look like you're having so much fun! And wow! Khyra brought a lot of presents. She could be Santa Paws if she keeps that up!


Summit the Super Mal said...

Woo there KAPPers~
What a wonderful play date fur all! Glad you had a great time in the yard and with all the presents! Sure hope you can have more visits in the future. It's so furry nice to make new furiends!!


PeeEss: Mom says to watch out for that Siberian's a rump kicker!

Kathryn and Ari said...

Wow, we're dizzy just READING about how much fun you had. And, if that video is any indication, it looks like Miss Khyra ate an awful lot of food during the party!

Shmoo said...

Wow, it looks like you all had a great time. The shirt on the little human child is cool looking (if I do say so myself) and yes, I designed and cartooned that one personally. The human woman says it was her work, but she's insane.


The Brat Pack said...

That looks like so much fun!


Kodak the Eskie said...

It looks like Khyra and the whole pack had fun! I love the little biped's giggles. She is very cute -- I think she wants to be a doggie too and play!

Hugs, Kodak