Thursday, December 13, 2007

Caught in the Act!

Hey Pups!

It's me Canyon. I really didn't appreciate Kelsey's blog yesterday. I try so hard to be good and she's trying to sabotage me!She needs to get over herself and just deal with the fact that I am as well behaved as her! We weren't quite sure if mom was going o go to work this morning since the weather forecast was for freezing rain, sleet and snow. But mom and the little biped left early this morning. Just when we were settling in for our mid-morning naps we heard something outside. sounded like the garage door and mom's car. Look what mom found when she came home...

Here's a closer look...

Kelsey thought she would have enough time to plant the evidence to get me in trouble. Little did she know that mom was coming home early due to the weather.......HA HA HA HA! She was so BUSTED! I'm thinking maybe "Queen" Kelsey needs to go to the crate not me!

Mom wasn't too upset about the ornament. It was one of those that came attached to a present that was wrapped at a department store. Mom would have been really upset if Kelsey Ann had gotten this apple.

Mom bought this one at Macy's in New York City last weekend.

Speaking of the weather, I almost forgot, this is what our trees looked like today.

Not quite as dramatic as the Army of Four's storm (with a small "s"), but we do have 2 large branches from our HUGE oak tree laying in the backyard. Otherwise we don't appear to have any other damage. We are hoping the power doesn't go out tonight. Mom is hoping for a two-hour delay for school tomorrow so she can sleep in (yeah right, my little biped doesn't sleep in).

Last but not least, Check out our Moosesicle!

Puppy Slurps, Canyon

(12 more sleeps until Santa Paws!)

20 woo woos:

Bama said...

Howroooroo, LOVE the moosesicle! Queen Kelsey, woo must be more careful, Santa Paws is so very close to visiting, woo don't want mom to send him a letter telling him to put woo on the "bad" list.

Woo pups were right, we do think Bama's a hybrid, the breeder that was selling babies in the flea market tried to tell us she was full timberwolf, so we hope you're right and she's almost done growing. She's eating us out of house & home, and no matter how much the bi-peds feed her, she NEVER seems to get full! If she doesn't stop soon they're gonna have to buy us a bigger house just to fit her! It's ok though, we guess, we complain a lot but really do love her, you can't help yourself, she's such a big loveable puppyhead!
The normal sized members of the RHP

Tasha & Eva said...

It seems like everyone is getting ice. But is didn't come as far north as us.

Love the new look.

Tasha & Eva

Peanut said...

We love that moosesicle.

Jackson said...

Hey pals, just woofing by to say hello and thank you for your pawsome card! J x

Ferndoggle said...

We don't have any of that freaky ice! It's supposed to come tomorrow...and maybe SNOW!


The Daily Echo said...

Canyon I feel your pain. I'm always getting blamed for EVERYTHING!
Looks like Jack Frost will be at it again tomorrow and Sunday here in PA. He needs to leave - bring on the SNOW!

Sophie Brador said...

Canyon, Your trees look so pretty, but I know what that ice is like. It can be really hard on the trees. I hope you get more snow and less sleet and rain.


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

That is a very cool moosesicle. I'm glad Kelsey didn't pin anything bad on you this time!


Dakota said...

Love the moosesicle! How wonderful he looks.

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Is that a Hbbb I saw?

Are woo excited?

We are supposed to get our white stuff bakhk tomorrow AND Sunday!!!



Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We just opened the card from you! Thanks so much. We are really excited about the recipe. What a great idea!!

Steve and Kat

Ricky Pepper said...

Love the moosesickle! We got your card and loved it..we left you some pressies too :)


Katherine and Pippa, said...

I can't imagine you doing anything wrong, you look as though butter wouldn't melt in that top photo.

But poor Kelsey didn't mean to be naughty I am sure.


Tucker said...

We just packed up another storm and sent it east. But I think they get tired out before they get to you.

Maybe you planted the ornament while K.A. was asleep? You look lots more awake in those pictures than she does! ::big Husky grin::

Simba said...

If they leave stuff lying around its gonna be chewed. That apple is very pretty. Mummy went to Maceys once, for like a whole day.

Simba xx

River said...

Hehe busted!!

Your blog looks great - I'm glad I found it!


The Army of Four said...

Brrrr! That moosicle made Mom cold! Colder. I hope you guys are doing ok! The good news here is that you can't see our ice any more! The BETTER news is that it's because we got a big snow storm! :) Yea! The four of us seem happier than the bipeds about that for some reason!
I'm sure Kelsey Ann didn't MEAN to frame you. I think she just chewed that ornament so your mom would appreciate the other ones even more. :)

4xBs said...

hey kiddos, we got your card. thanks for it.

we love love love your moosesicle. that's very cool. we wish we had one like that.

we like your music too. that's our favorite song.


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Love Love Love the Moosesicle!!!

Oh, I notice that blogger did not mess up your photo at the top of your blog like it did mine (and a few others). I can't seem to fix it now. It will show back up reg. size if I take away the title and description of my blog. WEIRDness!


ilovepearly said...

I like your decoration.
I rarely go to Macy but that apple looks nice.