Friday, December 7, 2007

New Camera!!!!

Well, we didn't have to wait for long. Our old camera is not back yet,but mom convinced dad that we needed to have a second camera anyway. So mom picked up "her" new camera today. It's one of those compact digital cameras. Our other one is one that looks like a 35mm camera but it's a digital with a lot of zoomy power. Mom's new one has a lot of neat features but not a whole lot of zoomies. She says we have enough zoomies for everyone and she didn't need anymore.

This is what Sky thinks about the new camera!

We're in for busy weekend. Mom will be gone all day tomorrow because she is taking a bus trip to NYC with our dog sitter friend, Megan. Dad is going to take the little biped to see Santa Paws at Wal-Mart tomorrow. Then, on Sunday, Sky and I will get to go to a MaPaw event in Maryland. We will probably see lots of sled dogs doing what they do best. We can't wait. I'm not very excited about the long car ride, but I will get to practice meeting new people and doggies.

We have been getting so many Dog with Blogs Christmas cards. Mom and dad still have not received a single one! So far we have received via snail mail 31 cards!!!!!!! This is so much fun. We are meeting so many new doggies. I plan on visiting everydoggies blog to say thank you but haven't had the time to do it yet....but I won't forget!

Puppy Slurps, Canyon

13 woo woos:

Bama said...

We're glad your bi-peds got a new camera, we would have missed seeing pictures of woo all. You should get our card any day, they went in the mail yesterday. Now we just gotta get mom back to our blog!
Christmas Kisses,
Bama & the RHP

Waylon & Willie - the Boston Terrier brothers said...

Thanks so much for the Christmas card - we love it. Have a fun weekend!
Many sniffs,
Waylon & Willie

Tucker said...

Good news about your mom's new camera! Hope you have a fun weekend!

Holly said...

You're gonna need a bigger door.

Last year I had a whole wall full! I am still working on getting mine out.


Simba said...

My humans have no friends either heehhehehehe.

Simba xx

The Daily Echo said...

We're so glad Mom got her own camera. We were missing you! Hey - she might get to see that huge Christmas tree at Rockyfella Plaza in NYC. Maybe she'll take a picture of it.

Girasol said...

I got your card last night...thank you!
Kelsey's BBQ bones recipe looks so yummy!!!

Tasha & Eva said...

Hey Kelsey Ann, Canyon, and Sky! We got your card today. Thank you very much! You guys look so great in front that bewoootiful Christmas tree!! We can't have a tree this year cuz of the remodeling going on around her. Poor Us. The Horror...A new camera, oh no! just means more embarrasing pictures for all the world to see. Our magic coold box is starting to look a lot like yours. We'll post a pic soon. Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said...

Glad to hear you got a new camera. The pictures are pawsome!

Four Pugz

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I think it's funny that Sky stuck his tongue out at the camera. My parents haven't gotten any cards either. They aren't nearly as cool as us.


Bama said...

Howrooo Kapp Pack,
We got your card today, too! Thank you so much, you all look grrreat in front of your beawootiful Christmas tree.
Christmas Kisses,
Bama & the RHP

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Hawoo, hawoo, love the pose wif yur tongue, Sky! Yur new camera takes good pics. What kind did yur mom get?

Amici said...

Woo woo we see our card on your door!