Sunday, December 2, 2007

So NOT Fair!

Hello Everydoggy!

I watched the weather late last night with mom and dad and the weatherman said we were going to get some SNOW! Mom, Dad and the little biped were supposed to be gone for the night and our friend Morgan (remember Hennesey? It's his mom) was going to be coming to let us out and feed us. Dad's friend , Doug, from Chicago (from his grad school days and the best man in their wedding), was in Washington D.C. for a conference. So they did a whirlwind tour of the mid-atlantic. Mom and Dad are members of the Philadelphia Zoo and had a Penguin workshop to take the little biped to in the morning.

The zoo has Humboldt Penguins, they are sometimes called Peruvian penguins. They look like this soft fuzzy one the little biped got in the gift shop.
They also visited the Big Cat Falls exhibit. I'm thinking it would not be a good idea to meet up with these cats at any time! The tigers cubs are part of a litter of three that was born in May 2007 at the zoo.

Then they drove to D.C. They had dinner with Doug and then walked about 2 miles in D.C. The little biped was fascinatated by the Washington Monument and wanted to climb it.....he he he...that's what they make elevators for! Their original plan was to stay down there last night but mom and dad decided since the weather forecast was predicting snow and even worse, freezing rain and sleet they wanted to come home to be safe. So then after walking they had to drive about another 3 hours home. They didn't get home to feed us until 11:30PM!

Well, this is what isn't fair...

Can you believe they call this snow???? You can hardly see it, much less get a snow nose.

Little did I know the worst was yet to come. Mom dragged me into the bathroom today and gave me a bath!!!!!! I hate baths! The only good thing was mom used her old hair dryer to help my fur dry a little before going out to go potty.

The bipeds were really working hard today.

Mom and Dad helped the little biped make a gingerbread nativity....

Mom and the little biped made Christmas tree ornament gifts.....
And most importantly Dad and mom worked on our Dogs with Blogs Christmas cards. Mom said Dad was extra helpful and addressed almost 100 envelopes!

We have been receiving cards from our blogging friends almost daily. Mom and Dad are kinda upset though...they haven't received a single card from any of their human friends. I guess who all know who is important in THIS house!
So far we have gotten cards from: Chloe, Ricky, Lucy and Sophie, Randi the Lab/Newf, Cairo the Boxer, Frankie V, Suki and Joey, Lenny, Sitka and Tia, and Pearly.

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann
(still damp and kinda soggy)

10 woo woos:

Tucker said...

Ooh, bath???

Hopefully that'll hold you for another year or two!

Amici said...

Wow! You all have a lot going on! My human loves zoos but she has never been to that one. It looks like a lot of interesting animals live there. We're glad the little biped liked it. :)

Maybe you'll be getting SNOW today. We have some and will post pics soon. It just started last night.

We're working on sending out our DWB cards today too! It is a lot of addressing huh! We can't wait to get one from you! :)

Have a happy day!

Oh! And we love those ornaments...they are adorable.

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh you have been busy! Your little bi ped pics are lovely! Reminded my Jeannie of when her three bi peds did stuff like that then she got teary!

She has kept some of the tree decorations they all made and we still decorate the tree with 'em!

We have thick snow on the hills around us and frost in the mornings, but lots of sunshine and no snow in the city here!

love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

sharkgila said...

Hoho, looks like your bipeds had all the fun, while you only got a bath. Unfair!!


Bama said...

Wooooo, your bipeds have been busy! We're so sorry bout the bath, mama's been threatening us lately too, but she's been so busy it hasn't happened yet, maybe she'll forget (paws crossed!).
Congrats to Canyon for graduating to house freedom!
Merry Christmas Season,
Bama & the RHP

Ferndoggle said...

We were supposed to get snow this weekend and all we got was rain! It did snow last night but it was just as disappointing as your dusting.

The holidays sure do keep us busy huh? Our house isn't quite as active but it's out of the norm for us too!


The Brat Pack said...

A bath? Ick. I think I was going to get one the other night so I refused to get off the ground. She can't lift me alone bath.

Those are some cool ornaments but I think it should be dog pictures inside.


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Those ornaments that the baby biped made are CUTE! Oh yes, we are winning the card war here with the humans...
Sitka and Tia - 21
Mom and Dad - 2

ha roo roo rooo!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

I don't want horrid snow stuff.

We aren't doing this Christmassy stuff either - mistress needs to sort it.


The Army of Four said...

A bath!?!?!? Shudder. I'm so sorry.
Your little biped is SO cute! I would just love to give her smoochies!
Hey ... that penguin looks sort of like Stormy. Or Dave. Hee hee hee!