Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Hey Everydoggy!

We got a phone call today that mom and dad's camera is fixed. I guess that means it can't have little camera babies or something....ha roo roo....yeah, I know that was really bad, but I couldn't resist. So hopefully mom and dad will take the boys to the biweekly MaPaw Dogtown playdate and they can pick-up the camera on the way home. I can, in turn, get some peace and quiet. I am not thrilled at all about the "annoying one's" free reign of the house. I've been trying to devise a plan to do something really bad and point the blame at him. That should convince mom to take him back to his crate during the day. Let me know if any of you pups have an ideas!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann
(13 sleeps until Santa Paws!)

8 woo woos:

Peanut said...

Maybe you could open the fridge and take out all the food. Let me tell you it makes mom's yell about kennels.

Holly said...

Hmmmm, can you chew something up that's close to him so they think that proximity is the reason?


Simba said...

I bet you have missed the white light in your eyes.

Simba xx

Maddie & Frankie said...


Oh the camera is fixed! Soon you will strike a pose.
Get lots and lot of Xmas Pics!

Frankie Grrrl

Pacco de Mongrel said...

time for photo shooting session

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

We can't wait to see update pics of you! Yeah, they 'fix' a broken camera, but why do they say they gots to 'fix' us. We weren't broken to begin wif?!?! Humans, can't quite figure them out at times, huh! Be careful - don't do anything that can bounce back at you, Kelsey Ann. He might slip up on his own. Juneau always does [thanx alot, Cosi]!
-Cosmos & Juneau-

Tucker said...

Will we see dueling camera photos? It could be a contest where we vote on which makes better pictures.

Or, with two humans, we could vote on who makes better pictures! Have them trade cameras half-way through so the better camera isn't an advantage.

The Daily Echo said...

Whew! Your post had me worried! I knew you were all fixed and I was thinkin it expired and we have to do it all over again!